Dota 2: BOOM Esport’s Mikoto Reaches 11,000 MMR

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Dota 2: BOOM Esport’s Mikoto Reaches 11,000 MMR

This is the latest addition to the 11k MMR bracket.

BOOM Esports is one of the most prominent teams in SEA, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise its players are top tier. Today, Ralfi Fathur “Mikoto” Rahman became the first-ever 11K MMR player from Indonesia.

Despite the pandemic, the SEA powerhouse BOOM Esports had a pretty good year. Despite the fact that Dreamocel left the team, BOOM completely dominated their regional scene. Consequently, they received an invitation for the Upper Division of the Dota Pro Circuit League.

Needless to say, one of the biggest reasons behind their success was Mikoto. The Indonesian superstar has been a part of the team for nearly two years now and is overall an impressive player.

Besides being good in pro gams, the mid laner is, unsurprisingly, also an amazing pub player. He became the first-ever Indonesian player to break into the 11k MMR bracket. After he succeeded, the player announced it on his Instagram page. This accomplishment puts him alongside a select few others that reached 11k MMR.

Currently, BOOM Esports is doing okay in the DPC qualifiers. They won one series and lost another one, which means that they are currently sitting in fourth place. However, they are yet to play against some of the favorites, such as Fnatic and T1.

If you need more information about the DPC qualifiers, follow ESTNN. We do weekly updates where we cover everything that happened in each region.

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Dota 2: BOOM Esport’s Mikoto Reaches 11,000 MMR
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