Dota 2: Beyond the Summit’s BOT TI Is Back

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Dota 2: Beyond the Summit’s BOT TI Is Back

Beyond the Summit is back with BOT TI ahead of The International 9.

As the dust settled from EPICENTER, all teams are currently focusing on the upcoming TI 9. In fact, the qualifiers for that amazing tournament start today. However, there is still one more event event happening next week – BOT TI 2019. It will be brought to us by Beyond the Summit for the second time in a row.

What is BOT TI?

As the name suggests, there will be no human players here and no prize pool. Instead, the tournament itself will be full of bots which will have to determine which of them are the best.

The opening round matches will begin on July 7 with the finals on August 3-4.


What will it be like?


To make a long story short, “five copies of each hero will run at each other and team fight”. The matches will last 30 seconds and will be Bo3. What’s more, the bots will only use skills and items that are the most common in pub games.

However, unlike last years’ event, Blademail, as well as BKB, have been banned. No more self one-shotting action for us.

All matches will be live-streamed on the BTS channel. Here is the official schedule of the tournament.

  • July 8-14 – Round of 128 matches
  • August 1-2 – Round of 64 matches
  • August 3-4 – Main event (Top 16 DE)

Here is the trailer from last year:


Finally, be sure to read the full announcement here. Also, feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest esports news.

Image VIA: Beyond the Summit

Dota 2: Beyond the Summit’s BOT TI Is Back
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