Dota 2: BEYOND EPIC To Give Out Battle Pass Levels To Lucky Viewers

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Dota 2: BEYOND EPIC To Give Out Battle Pass Levels To Lucky Viewers

If you’re lucky, you can win a few battle pass levels.

BEYOND EPIC EU/CIS is an event that brought together some of the best teams in the world.  Even though the tournament started a few days ago, we still don’t know which teams will win the groups.

Although the series themselves are pretty interesting to watch, there is one more thing that will make every Dota 2 fan right now really excited. As long as you’re lucky, the organizers of this incredible event announced a special raffle for all virtual sets visitors.

What is the prize?

If you really love a certain team in this event, you will get the chance to support it and your favorite players in a live broadcast by Zoom. In fact, there will be 20 fans who can do that. However, only two of them will be the lucky winners of 100 Battle Pass levels.

If you want to be among the lucky ones, you have to go to the so-called “waiting room”. In order to get there, you have to use your SteamID. Once that happens, you have to stay at least sixty minutes with your webcam on.

While the matches are being played, the live video of each player will be added to the Russian live broadcast. The idea behind this is to make the viewers experience more thrilling and allow the fans to interact with their favorite team and player even more.

More info about the event

Apart from Europe and CIS, this tournament will also take place in China. However, the prize pool there will be substantially less (50K USD in comparison to 200K USD for EU/CIS). Despite that, we can still watch some of the best teams in the region playing against each other.

We are just two days away from the beginning of the EU/CIS playoffs. So far, it seems like Team Nigma is the most dominant force here. However, we are still yet to see if they will have what it takes to go up against Team Secret.

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Dota 2: BEYOND EPIC To Give Out Battle Pass Levels To Lucky Viewers
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