Dota 2 BetBoom Dacha Overview

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Dota 2 BetBoom Dacha Overview

Here’s more information about BetBoom Dacha, one of the big events prior to The International 12.

The fact that the entire Dota 2 community is focusing on The International 12 is probably not a surprise. The biggest tournament of 2023 will feature all of the best teams in the world, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any other events to pay attention to. One of them starts in a couple of days from now, and it’s called BetBoom Dacha.

As its name implies, it’s organized by none other than BetBoom, one of the best CIS teams. Even though the squad will be one of the TI 12 participants, it decided to gather some of the most interesting names in an offline event held in Yerevan. BeBoom Dacha has much to offer, so it’s time to learn more about it.

BetBoom Dacha Overview

One of the weirdest and most interesting events of 2023 will consist of 8 teams in total. BetBoom Dacha will begin on 10 September and end on 16 September, which means we’ll have a week to watch some of the world’s best.

Speaking of the event, it will include a $250,000 prize pool and will take place in Yerevan, Armenia. There will be two groups of 4, where all matches are in a best-of-two format. The squads that finish among the top 2 will receive a slot in the UB, whereas the team that finishes 3rd will advance to the LB. The team that finishes last in the Group wil

have to leave the tournament.

Once the group matches are over, the next challenge for the teams will be the Playoffs. Fans will have access to an elimination bracket with a UB and LB, where the games will be played in Bo3, except for the Bo5 final.

In terms of the prize pool, the winner will take a respectable $150,000, whereas the team that finishes second will get $62,500. Only the top 4 will receive some kind of a rewards, so teams have to give everything they got if they want to win.

BetBoom Dacha Review – Teams

While on the topic of teams, BetBoom Dacha will include a lot of the big players we will see at TI 12. Some of them definitely seem stronger than others, but let’s share a few words about all participants.

Gaimin Gladiators


The first team that received in invitation does not surprise anyone, especially people who’ve followed the 2023 Dota 2 scene. Gaimin Gladiators were the most successful Dota 2 team in the world after winning 5 consecutive tournaments. They became the only squad to do that, which makes them the biggest favorites for The International 12.

However, before we see the team in action, GG will have to compete against a lot of big names at BetBoom Dacha. 

BetBoom Team

TI12: BetBoom Team Express Visa Concerns

The fact that the tournament is called BetBoom Dacha means that BetBoom is going to be one of the participants. The powerful Eastern European powerhouse is one of the TI 12 favorites, so winning this event will give it more confidence. 

BetBoom surprised everyone with its good results, especially lately. Although the squad has had some issues, such as the live stream scandal at the last Major, it has proven it has one of the best teams. Therefore, BetBoom will be one of the big favorites. 


Pro Dota 2 players Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev and Alexey “Solo” Berezin pose with their hands up, with one of them above the other. Large white studio lights are in the background.

When talking about some of the best teams from Eastern Europe, a lot of people will say 9Pandas deserves to be on the list. Although the squad hasn’t won anything big, it has had pretty good results. This is probably not a surprise because the team’s a perfect mixture of young and experienced players.

9Pandas will also be one of the teams at The International 12. With that said, most Dota 2 experts do not think it will be one of the favorites, which means the squad will need to step up its game at BetBoom Dacha and prove to the world they have what it takes.

Quest Esports

The next team from Western Europe that will try to show its fans it can defeat the best is Quest Esports. Although the team’s recent results have been pretty impressive, it wasn’t able to obtain one of the WEU slots for TI 12. Consequently, the squad is taking part in the TI12 WEU qualifiers.

Quest is yet to win a big event, and considering the other participants, it has what it takes to do that. 

Evil Geniuses

Surprisingly, BetBoom Dacha will include two teams from South America, and Evil Geniuses is one of them. The squad’s impressive results allowed it a direct TI invite, which means it needs to defend its region’s pride. Before that, though, the team will have to show it can defeat the best from the other parts of the world at this event.


Beastcoast H1N1

Speaking of teams from South America, beastcoast is another big name that people will be able to see in Yerevan. Similar to EG, BC also received a direct invitation for the most prestigious event, as well as for BetBoom Dacha. It’s been a while since this squad has won any big event, so securing a trophy here will have a huge impact on the team’s results in the future.



Regarding North America, TSM will be the only representative at BetBoom Dacha, which is unsurprising because the region hasn’t been that good. TSM did not achieve much and barely made it to TI 12, but the team has pretty good results internationally. In fact, it even reached the final of a Major a few months ago, so it has a chance of winning BetBoom Dacha.

Nigma Galaxy

Nigma Galaxy and Quest Esports Receive Riyadh Masters MENA Closed Qualifiers Invites

The last spot at BetBoom Dacha went to an interesting team called Nigma Galaxy. Even though this is The International 7 winner, the squad’s results have been really bad lately and it will miss out on TI 12. Although it will be really interesting to see this squad in action, it is unlikely it will win BetBoom Dacha. 

Dota 2 BetBoom Dacha Overview
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