Dota 2: Best Void Spirit Counters

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Dota 2: Best Void Spirit Counters

Here are some of the best heroes to pick against Void Spirit.

There are many good heroes that you can pick in the current meta, one of which is Void Spirit (“VS”). This is one of the most popular heroes in the Pro Dota 2 scene. As a result, most teams pick him all the time.

Void Spirit is a powerful mid laner that is considered to be one of the best tempo-controllers in the game. Although the hero is difficult to master, he can be extremely deadly, which is why it is important to know which heroes you need to pick.

Without further ado, here are some of the best heroes to get versus this deadly mid laner.


The first hero on this list is Meepo, perhaps the most unique hero in the entire game. Meepo is an excellent counter to many top-tier mid laners and carries. That’s why some teams often pick him whenever possible.

Sadly, this is one of the heroes that you need to be really careful with because you can just pick him right away. Meepo has tons of counters, such as Earthshaker, Legion Commander, Ember Spirit, and so on.


The second hero that is really good against Void Spirit is Batrider. Despite the fact that this offlaner is not that popular right now, Batrider is great against elusive heroes, such as Void Spirit. Thanks to his ultimate, he can keep VS in place long enough so that his team can finish him.

Another thing that makes the hero good is Sticky Napalm. Once this annoying ability reaches more than five stacks, Void Spirit won’t be able to run away.


Lycan is one of the best carries in the meta because of his insane damage. Another thing that makes the hero is the fact he doesn’t need a lot of items to be effective. This is something that makes him effective against Void Spirit.

Once Lycan uses his ultimate, he can easily chase VS and kill him even early on. Besides using the ult offensively, Lycan can also run away from this pesky mid laner when needed.

Ember Spirit

The clash between the two “Spirits” is always fun to watch because both heroes are difficult to play. Generally speaking, Void Spirit is somewhat stronger during the laning stage, but Ember does a lot of damage once he gets a few items. Needless to say, VS is not the tankiest hero in the game, which should be noted.


Lastly, we have a hero that can fill in almost every role in Dota 2. If he is given the carry or mid role, Tiny can do tons of damage early on, thanks to his deadly spell combo. Once he gets enough items, he can also become a deadly physical-damage dealer. Those things make him effective against Void Spirit, who is pretty fragile.

However, landing a stun on VS is not as easy as it seems because he can easily dodge it.

Dota 2: Best Void Spirit Counters
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