Dota 2: Best Neutral Item From Each Tier

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Dota 2: Best Neutral Item From Each Tier

The best item from each tier — which probably need some fixing.

The concept of neutral items is not new. Valve has been testing them for quite some time now and they keep adding and subtracting items in updates. Many items have seen balancing updates, but a few remain great additions to anyone’s inventory. Let’s look at some of these items.

OP Neutral Item Tier 1 – Chipped Vest

Valve has nerfed the Chipped Vest in the 7.30 patch, reducing its health regeneration from 5 to 4. However, it remains a powerful item in the game. Not only does the Chipped Vest grant passive HP regen, it also returns 20 attack damage to creeps and 30 damage to enemy heroes. It is a complete passive item, which means it is easy to use and basically just sits there in the slot. It can help any hero struggling in the early game for HP and it also helps heroes farm neutral camps much faster thanks to the return damage.

OP Neutral Item Tier 2 – Vambrace

A very non-flashy item which does its job quietly. If you have ever heard of wise Tread switching and how important it is to the core aspects of the game, you will probably appreciate this item. Equipping Vambrace is like having a whole Power Treads with you. Heroes can switch attributes to gain advantage in the game based on the situation.

OP Neutral Item Tier 3 – Paladin Sword

The Paladin Sword is arguably the most broken item in Tier-3. Not only does it amp the healing and spell lifesteal by 14%, the item also provides +20 Attack Damage, +16% lifesteal, +8% Spell lifesteal on heroes and 1.6% spell lifesteal on creeps. Paladin Sword also stacks diminishingly with other lifesteal items.

OP Neutral Item Tier 4 – Flicker

Flicker is perhaps the most broken item if used correctly. It passively provides the user +35 movement speed, which means if necessary the hero can swap the boots for some other items. So Flicker is effectively freeing up a space in the inventory slot. Its active use is teleporting the user for a random distance between 200 and 600 in the forward direction. The item also disjoints any incoming projectiles like Sven’s stun or even Lina’s Laguna. Besides disjointing spells, Flicker grants the user a basic dispel after teleporting.

OP Neutral Item Tier 5 – Apex

Although it is difficult to pick one out of so many great Tier 5 items, Apex stands out from the rest. Granting +70 Primary Attribute to the user, Apex is a powerful late game item. To give some context, a Drow Ranger with Apex will have 11.67 armor, 70 attack speed, and 70 attack damage as a bonus added to her primary stats. Not to mention it will also grant her immense agility thanks to Marksmanship's ranged bonus. Similarly on Strength heroes, this item will make them even more tanky in the late game.

Honorable Mentions

There are some other items which also prove to be of great value. Keen Optic and Trusty Shovel from Tier 1, Fae Grenade, Essence Ring and Ring of Aquila from Tier 2, Titan Silver, Elven Tunic and Spider Legs from Tier 3, Ninja Gear, Spell Prism, Timeless Relic,  Telescope, The Leveller and Penta-Edged Sword from Tier 4. Last, Book of the Dead, Mirror Shield, Stygian Desolator and Pirate Hat are great Tier 5 items.

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