Dota 2: Best Mid Heroes In Patch 7.31b

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Dota 2: Best Mid Heroes In Patch 7.31b

Get an edge with these heroes in the 7.31b patch of Dota 2.

The Dota 2 patch 7.31b has been out for a few days now. With the recent balancing changes, we see a more stable pattern in the games. This makes listing down heroes who are performing well in the middle lane a lot easier. You can see a common pattern in the heroes we have below. The ones who have a lot of burst damage are doing well in the patch. However, heroes which can inflict burst damage and are tough to kill are doing a lot better. Let’s have a look at the list.


The Dota 2 hero, Necrophos, summons eldritch green flames into his hands as he watches from behind his hooded robe

Necrophos is a very strong laner and provides a lot of sustain in the laning phase. The hero is currently enjoying about 54% win rate in the mid lane. Necro also counters some of the popular heroes in the meta including Axe, Huskar and Meepo to some degree. Necrophos lacks mobility and can’t gank lanes effectively. Players need to care about their positioning. Being in the right place at the right time makes all the difference with Necro.


The Dota 2 hero Huskar appears in his Reckless Vigor set, raising his twin swords, ready for battle

Huskar is sitting above 54% win rate in the midlane. The hero saw nerfs in the 7.31b, but it had little effect on him. Most heroes who are good in the meta face a tough time against Huskar. The magic resistance from Berserker’s Blood is an insane addition to him. Inner Fire also helps him disarm the melee heroes doing physical damage. Overall, Huskar is a solid choice and an outstanding cheese pick in the pubs. Players just need to be careful about a few counters like Ancient Apparition and Necrophos.


The Dota 2 Hero Meepo, wearing the Crystal Scavenger set, charges into battle with his clones

Meepo’s revival in the meta is great news for people looking to boost accounts or smurf. However, if you know how to play this hero, it is a fantastic opportunity to score some free wins. Meepo is currently sitting at the top of Dotabuff's win-rate chart. He has a 55% win rate, which proves how effective he is right now. The buffs in patch 7.31 is showing its effect now, and it is time to exploit it while Meepo stays this strong.

Skywrath Mage

The Dota 2 Hero Skywrath Mage, a half-human, half-avian wizard, flies through a sunsoaked sky

Skywrath Mage also saw a bunch of buffs to him in the 7.31 patch. With a damage increase in almost all his abilities, Sky is tougher to deal with. He is enjoying a 53% win rate on Dotabuff and is a great hero choice for the pub matches. Players need to maintain their positioning with Sky, because he is very squishy. However, compared to Meepo and Armlet toggling Huskar, Skywrath is much easier.


Pugna was an amazing hero even before the 7.31 patch and now falls under Dota 2 best mid heroes category. However, change to his Nether Ward has made him a lot better. The fact that Nether Ward decreases incoming enemy magic damage by 25% is a huge deal. That said, Pugna is a great hero to play in pubs. He can push and take objectives, he can farm fast, solo kill heroes and can be mobile around the map. Pugna is squishy so making defensive items is a good idea.

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