Dota 2: Best Heroes to Control Game Tempo in 7.31b

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Dota 2: Best Heroes to Control Game Tempo in 7.31b

The best heroes you can pick in patch 7.31b control the pace of your Dota 2 matches.

As we spend more time with Dota 2, we see how the meta is maturing. The patch 7.31b has some interesting heroes which can control the game. Most of the time we see the mid lane hero orchestrating the flow of the match. However, we have made a mix of heroes from other positions who are great at controlling the match. Here are the best heroes you can play to dictate the tempo of your games:

Void Spirit

If we had to pick one hero to control the game, it would be Void Spirit. Excelling at mobility and dishing out lots of damage in quick intervals, he is one of the most fun heroes to play in the mid lane. Void Spirit has two escape abilities and they also grant him incredible mobility around the map. The hero is great at ganking, fighting and split pushing. He can force enemy rotations and change the pace of the game quickly. He also scales very well in the late game and is incredibly hard to kill.

Storm Spirit

It is not news that Storm Spirit has Ball Lightning to help him zip across the map. He is a solid mid laner in the current meta, offering just about everything a player can ask for. From ganking to initiating or even split pushing, Storm can do most things other mid laners lack. He can control the tempo very well depending on the situation of the game. If Storm is behind, players can flash farm and clear out waves to avoid fighting. Storm can play aggressively if he is ahead. Ganking side lanes and diving towers to force rotations, which opens up the map for his team.


Players are usually playing Beastmaster as an offlaner in the 7.31b patch of Dota 2. He is proficient enough to turn the flow of the game. Beastmaster is durable and can start fights with his ultimate ability, Primal Roar. With the addition of Helm of the Overlord, Beastmaster can create a lot of pressure around the map. The ability to dominate an Ancient creep and run it down lanes with other summons helps dominate lanes and create problems for the enemy team. He is impressive at changing the flow of games by his sheer presence.


Meepo excels in farming and leveling up quickly to assert dominance over the enemy team. The hero acquires stat items and can pick off heroes and solo push lanes to take objectives. The recent buffs to Meepo have made him a great mid hero to use and stomp games. He also has a great Talent Tree. However, Meepo is tough to play and requires an intermediate level of micro skills.


Yet another hero who has an insane potential is Chen. He can generate a lot of pressure around the map using Holy Persuasion and force enemy heroes to react with an army of Neutral Creeps. A great healer, pusher and jungler, Chen can perform multiple tasks even as a position 4 or 5. Professional players are using Chen as a support in the current meta. Similar to Meepo, Chen requires advanced levels of micro-control.

Honorable Mentions

Some heroes which we didn’t name in the list, but also show great potential for controlling the tempo of a match are Brewmaster, Lone Druid and Visage. Follow ESTNN for more guides on Dota 2.

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