Dota 2: Best Heroes For Nemestice Game Mode

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Dota 2: Best Heroes For Nemestice Game Mode

The new game mode favors a few heroes more than others.

Valve recently launched the Nemestice event which had a new game mode along with a Battle Pass. They have based the new mode on the classic dota matches where players need to destroy the enemy towers to win. However, there is a slight twist to the gameplay with giant meteorites falling every three minutes. Players can channel these meteors to collect Nemestice Embers and get Embercharge to become more powerful. Considering the rules of the game, not every hero is great at winning the match, especially when players need to win to get more points. So let’s look at some heroes who dominate the new game mode.

Nature’s Prophet

The hero Nature's Prophet plays with a young fawn in the forest, his magical wooden staff held in one hand

Nature’s Prophet is great in the Nemestice game mode, thanks to his amazing pushing abilities. Players need to wait until NP hits a decent level where he has at least level 2 or above in Teleportation and Nature’s Call. The hero is squishy, so it is best to keep a safe distance in fights while taking farm and Nemestice Embers to help the team. Once NP hits the desired level, players can look to teleport directly near the woods beside the towers and start pushing with the help of treants. There is no Backdoor Protection which helps NP greatly in pushing cheekily.Pushing tower helps the team as your own towers get stronger which each fallen tower of the enemy.

Items like Desolator, Shadow Blade, Assault Cuirass are great on the hero for pushing and winning the game mode.


Leshrac is great for pushing fast with Diabolic Edict ability. However, unlike NP Leshrac cannot use treants to tank the tower shots, so he has to tank the towers himself most of the time. It is best to get tanky items on the hero to buff up his strength and help in pushing towers. Collecting Nemestice Embers is also important as they amplify damage and help push the towers even faster. Items like Boots of Travel is great for Leshrac as he lacks the mobility of NP and cannot teleport quickly near the towers.


The zombie hero, Undying, wearing the Egyptian inspired Dirgeful Overlord set, gnashes his teeth at an enemy.

Unlike the above-mentioned heroes, Undying has little to no tower pressuring skills. However, the hero provides value in team fights which are very frequent in the Nemestice game mode. Undying’s Tombstone is extremely helpful during fights which happen near the meteors for collecting Nemestice Embers. Undying also becomes tanky and helps sustain his team during long brawls.


Pugna is strong in this game mode but it is best to pick him with a tanky lineup which can sustain fights. The hero can push rapidly using his Nether Blast ability. The hero can also aid in team fights thanks to his Nether Ward and other ability sets. Items like Boots of Travel and Aether Lens are useful for the hero. However, keep in mind that gap closing heroes can easily get the better of Pugna since it takes him some time to push towers with cooldown on his first skill.

Feature Images: Valve/Dota 2 Fandom

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