Dota 2: Best Carry Heroes For Beginners

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Dota 2: Best Carry Heroes For Beginners

A few simple heroes to help learn the game better.

Dota 2 is a complicated game to learn. There are many roles to play and to make things more twisted, the game offers a plethora of heroes to choose from. Dota 2 can overwhelm newer players who want to have fun playing the game. However, we have compiled a small list of heroes which beginners can play in the carry role to have fun in the game. While making the list we have kept in mind the mechanical complexity and other important points like farming, positioning, survival, surrounding awareness and more.


Juggernaut is one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2. He is a melee carry hero who is very survivable thanks to his first skill called Blade Fury, which provides the hero with magical immunity. The hero can also heal himself and his teammates with Healing Ward, which is his second skill. Juggernaut is a strong laner and is only weak against heavy physical damage heroes. This hero will give newer players a lot of room for error thanks to his first skill. It is very easy to last hit with the hero thanks to his great attack animation.

Juggernaut is item-dependent like most other cores but players can make multiple builds on the hero. Battle Fury or Maelstrom, Sange and Yasha or Manta, Abyssal Blade, Scepter and a few other items are commonly made on the hero.


Sven is a strength carry who excels in fast farming and inflicting tons of Area Of Effect(AOE) damage to enemy units. The hero is tanky with a secure stun ability named Storm Hammer. He also has Great Cleave which provides AOE damage and helps Sven farm fast on the map or deal damage to multiple enemy units at the same time. Warcry, which is Sven’s third ability, provides him with movement speed and armor. Last, God’s Strength, which is the hero’s ultimate ability, gives Sven an attack damage bonus.

Sven gets easily kited on the map, but farms fast and deals a lot of damage which is a plus point for new players. Common items on the hero include Mask of Madness, Echo Sabre, Blink Dagger, Black King Bar, Daedalus, Assault Cuirass and Satanic.

Wraith King

The mighty undead warrior, Wraith King, appears in his Regalia of the Wraith King item set

Wraith King is a strength carry who has a simple ability set. He is a suitable hero for beginners thanks to his simple mechanics and an ultimate ability that grants him two lives. Wraith King is a powerful hero, especially in the lower-level games. He is tanky and can bait enemy resources with his first life. He can then continue to fight after reincarnation, which forces the enemy into unfavorable fights. WK has one stun ability, lifesteal ability which also provides him with skeletons who can clear camps or lane creeps to speed up his farm.

The hero also dishes out insane amounts of damage with the right items, thanks to his Mortal Strike passive ability which gives critical hits.

Some common items for Wraith King are Desolator, Radiance, Aghanim’s Shard, Abyssal Blade and a few more, depending on the situation.

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