Dota 2: Auto Chess Makes the Jump to PS4 & Nintendo Switch

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Dota 2: Auto Chess Makes the Jump to PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Dota 2's Auto Chess was the pioneer of the new autobattler genre that has taken over the world since they appeared on the scene. It was so successful that just months later, Auto Chess became a standalone game that has nothing to do with Valve.

However, seeing how popular this has become, Valve and Riot Games decided to create their very own versions of the game, Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics. Currently, both of those games are pretty popular, even though Underlords has suffered in terms of the playerbase, especially when compared to its launch numbers.

Apart from PC, Auto Chess is also playable on mobile devices. Needless to say, mobile is one of if not the biggest gaming market in the world right now. After all, nearly everyone has a smartphone nowadays.

Auto Chess for PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Despite the decline of autobattler’s popularity, the “OG” Auto Chess seems to be doing very well. That’s why, according to, Dragonest will release the game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo sometime in 2020. However, it is very questionable whether a game like that could sell well for a console.

Auto Chess is also expected to receive a big update this month. Supposedly, there will be new features, voices, and other game improvements.

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Dota 2: Auto Chess Makes the Jump to PS4 & Nintendo Switch
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