Dota 2: ATF Leaves OG, Joins Nigma

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Dota 2: ATF Leaves OG, Joins Nigma

It’s been almost a year after OG decided to risk everything and get an entirely new Dota 2 roster with inexperienced players.

It is safe to say that the experiment was worth it because the EU powerhouse won a Major, as well as another LAN event. However, it seems like the team will have to make some changes because Ammar “ATF” AL-Assaf is no longer a part of the team.

Ammar is now a part of Nigma

Following Mircale-’s decision to step down from the professional Dota 2 scene, Nigma Galaxy started to look for a new position 1 to join SumaiL and the rest. It seems like the EU squad didn’t have to look for long because it acquired ATF.

Ammar was a part of OG, and there were rumors that he wanted to leave after the end of The International 11. Despite their success prior to the event, OG did little and was eliminated. After waiting for almost 2 months, Ammar is officially out of OG and a part of Nigma Galaxy.

Ammar’s role at Nigma

As you know, Ammar was OG’s offlaner, and he proved himself as one of the best in this role. However, he won’t be a position 3 player anymore, at least not while he is a part of Nigma. The TI 7 winning squad will move him to position 1 so he can fill in the role of Miracle-. In other words, Mind_ContRoL will continue to be Nigmna’s offlaner in the upcoming DPC.


It will be interesting to see who will fill Ammar’s role at OG. N0tail and the rest might decide to get someone with more experience, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a new player in the professional scene. Make sure to follow us for more information and check the best Dota 2 betting sites if you want to wager on the upcoming DPC.

Dota 2: ATF Leaves OG, Joins Nigma
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