Dota 2: Arkosh Gaming & Aui_2000 Keep Departure Tongue-In-Cheek

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Dota 2: Arkosh Gaming & Aui_2000 Keep Departure Tongue-In-Cheek

It’s all fun and games for Arkosh.

After a loss against Black N Yellow in the Lower Bracket of TI10 NA Regional Qualifiers, Arkosh announced that it is parting ways with Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling.

Arkosh gaming tweet

Although most professional Dota 2 teams keep a decorum in their conduct, Arkosh have their own signature style. One very much reminiscent of their manager Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner. Created as a meme, Arkosh were always meant to be a fun to play team in the North American Dota scene to help the community grow in viewership. Hence these moves by the organisation are part of it being a funny yet competitive team in the scene.

The NA team had recently added Aui as a position 5 support but has they soon showed him the door. His tweet unsurprisingly satirizes his exit from Evil Geniuses’ team back in 2015. Although EG won TI that year, Aui’s exit was a shock to the community. But it seems Kurtis is well over it to make a joke of the whole situation.

Arkosh Gaming might not be the most well-equipped team but they are NA’s most interesting organization in Dota 2. The frequent all-chat trash talks or kicking players with the most salty statements possible, Arkosh are a fun team to watch. Looking at it from a different perspective, Arkosh prove that if players at the highest level can play Dota 2 while having fun, pub players can definitely enjoy it a lot more.

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