Dota 2: AniMajor — TNC Predator Shines On Day 2

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Dota 2: AniMajor — TNC Predator Shines On Day 2

TNC's performance through the AniMajor's group stage has increased their chances to qualify for the Upper Bracket.

TNC made a huge comeback on the second day of the Group Stage — winning 2 series. On Day 1, they tied 1 series and lost 1 series. The biggest surprise was seeing TNC win against Nigma by 2-0 while the latter were in great form and leading the standings.

We break down TNC's notable moments and top plays at the tournament so far.

Day 1: TNC vs EG

Even though TNC lost the series by 0-2, they played well in the second game. It was a showdown between EG’s Terrorblade and TNC’s Spectre which turned in the favor of Terrorblade. But overall TNC didn’t play poorly.

Day 1: TNC vs Vici Gaming

TNC tied this series by 1-1 after an incredible performance in the second game. They started playing so aggressively in the laning stage that Vici Gaming didn't even have time to group up for a gank. TNC’s safe lane was a complete domination by Monkey King and Snapfire against Vici’s Slardar and Dark Willow. The kill score at the end of the game was 35 for TNC and just 6 for Vici. The most incredible stat of the match was TNC’s cores finished the game without even dying once. Monkey King was 12/0/12, Razor 12/0/15 and Magnus 4/0/20. This was the game where TNC picked their momentum.

Day 2: TNC vs Beastcoast

In what was no doubt considered something of an upset by many bc fans; TNC defeated Beastboast by 2-0 in a super-fast series. The total time taken to end the series was only 55-minutes! Beastcoast lost the lanes and TNC never gave them a chance for a comeback.

Day 2: TNC vs Nigma

Before this series, Nigma was on a roll, defeating several amazing teams through the Wild Card stage and on our first day of Groups. Unsurprisingly, Nigma played excellent in the laning stage of both matches. In fact they had a 7k net worth lead until the 40-minute mark in both the games.
But TNC’s team fight execution was marvelous; they utilized the positioning perfectly, playing defensively when it was needed and attacking when the enemy didn’t expect. The synergy between the players was impeccable as they had set up a plan on who will focus on whom. In both the matches, TNC’s Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte” who was playing at position 1, didn’t engage much against the opponent’s position 1 and always jumped on the backline to kill the opponent’s position 2 player — Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi.

TNC ended the day with some taunts on Twitter.

Next up TNC is set to face PSG.LGD, the current rank 1 team in the standings.

You can turn in to catch all the action from Kyiv live on WePlay's Website, or their official Twitch or YouTube.

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