Dota 2: ALOHADANCE Responds to Drama with HellRaisers

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Dota 2: ALOHADANCE Responds to Drama with HellRaisers

After coming under fire about the drama with HellRaisers, ALOHADANCE took to social media to defend himself.

HellRaisers was one of the newly formed CIS teams during the post-TI9 shuffle. The organization used to have a Dota 2 team before, but it was set-off after a series of disastrous results.

Nearly two years later, the CIS superstar Ilya “ALOHADANCE” Korobkin formed a new team alongside some very promising players. Everything was going well for HellRaisers as they even managed to secure a slot for the first Minor of this DPC – Dota Summit 11.

However, it seems like an internal conflict is about to ruin the newly formed squad. As of yesterday, ALOHADANCE is no longer a part of the team because he supposedly “refused to practice”.  HellRaisers’ CEO, spoke out. Claiming this sort of attitude is highly unprofessional and unacceptable for the HellRaisers tag. Citing this as reason for the decision to send Korobkin to the bench and also transfer list him.

Of course, every single story has two different points of view. Today, ALOHADANCE posted on his VK that there is a lot more into it than it was officially announced. He sounded frustrated by the situation, but respectable at the same time. He said that he won’t go into details yet, but there is a lot of false information and he doesn't want to make the situation worse. Despite the controversy, ALOHADANCE thanked his fans for the support and said he will continue to train hard.

ALOHADANCE is famous for being a very controversial player. That said, his behavior may be justified, especially if HellRaisers mistreated him in some way. Whether or not this is the case is still up in the air. We will wait to see what is Ilya going to tell us.

Dota 2: ALOHADANCE Responds to Drama with HellRaisers
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