Dota 2: Alliance’s New Roster is ready for the Upcoming DPC

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Dota 2: Alliance’s New Roster is ready for the Upcoming DPC

After announcing it a couple of days ago, Alliance now officially registered its new roster, and it is ready for the DPC. Handsken, s4, ponlo, charlie and ChYuaN will do everything they can to defend Alliance’s pride and show to the world that the team has what it takes to be among the best.

Prior to the new roster

It is safe to say that Alliance’s performance in the 2021/2022 DPC was disastrous. The team had a somewhat good start because Nikobaby and the rest got a lot of important victories. However, things quickly changed for the worse as the team started losing one series after another.

Unsurprisingly, Alliance did not win a single big event during the year. What was even more surprising is that the team finished last in Tour 3 of the DPC without winning a single team. Nikobaby and co. even failed to qualify for The International 11. This was the last nail in the coffin for Alliance’s roster because the organization decided to disband its team. 

The new team

Several weeks after the first announcement, the Swedish powerhouse decided to it was time to reveal its new roster. We weren’t surprised that there are new names, but the fact that s4 is back in Alliance was definitely not expected.

It probably goes without saying he is among the best players in the world and one of Dota 2’s living legends. Those who’ve been following Dota 2’s professional stage for some time are aware that s4 won The International 3 with Alliance many years ago. Since he is the only player that’s still active from Alliance’s legendary roster, his experience will have a huge impact on the entire team.

Following the changes, it is safe to say that Alliance will have a bright future ahead of them. It will be interesting to see whether the team will live up to the expectations.

Dota 2: Alliance’s New Roster is ready for the Upcoming DPC
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