Dota 2: Alliance Reaches The EPIC League Division 2 Grand Finals

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Dota 2: Alliance Reaches The EPIC League Division 2 Grand Finals

Alliance has managed to reach the Grand Finals.

The latest series between Alliance and Gambit Esports was a joy to watch. Both teams gave it all out by picking all sorts of interesting heroes, such as Phantom Lancer, Techies, Lycan, and more.

Even though Gambit Esports tried everything in their books, they weren’t able to bring down the mighty European powerhouse.

The Series

The best of five series was an absolute joy to watch because it was everything but normal. Instead of going for the more traditional picks, both teams went ham and picked all sorts of crazy things.

Alliance reached this stage of the event after survived through a series of challenges. On the other hand, Gambit managed to rip through the lower bracket of the event, despite losing to Live to Win earlier.

Even though we saw some crazy things, Alliance was definitely the team that looked more meta-focused. They’ve always picked heroes that are considered to be really good right now, whereas Gambit wanted to surprise their enemies by picking interesting heroes.

The first game of the series was cool to watch because the CIS powerhouse had a decent lineup with good late-game potential. Unfortunately, Alliance and their mid Puck absolutely ripped through their enemies and secured themselves the victory and a lead in the series.

However, their success was short-lived because Gambit managed to win game two. The CIS team opted for an IO-Slardar pick, which is an absolute nightmare to play against. To make matters worse, the team also had a Medusa, which was nearly unkillable.

Following the loss, Alliance picked some of their signature heroes – Troll Warlord and Omniknight. Those two heroes work exceptionally well in this patch, why is why it’s no surprise they managed to walk over Gambit with little to no effort.

Game Four also looked like it will go in Alliance’s favor, but Gambit’s Lycan completely changed the plans of the EU powerhouse. After securing several kills, the hero snowballed out of control and pushed the series into a final Game Five.

The Final Leg

The last game of this incredible series was also the most interesting one because we got to see Techies. Gambit Esports picked the pesky hero, alongside Lycan and hoped to catch their opponents off guard. However, Alliance seems prepared and picked loads of AoE heroes to fight their enemies.

Although it worked in Game Four, Lycan wasn’t as useful this time. Alliance dominated the early stage of the game and managed to secure mega creeps by the 30-minute mark. Needless to say, Gambit was unable to recover and had no other option but to call l GG.

Be sure to watch the Grand Final of the Epic League. Alliance will fight against Live to Win tomorrow at 13:00 CET. If you want to learn more information, feel free to visit ESTNN.

Dota 2: Alliance Reaches The EPIC League Division 2 Grand Finals
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