Dota 2: Afoninje & BOO!K Leave Gambit

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Dota 2: Afoninje & BOO!K Leave Gambit

Gambit Esports was one of the biggest surprises in this DPC season. They had an amazing season and even managed to win a couple of big events. However, sadly for them, they started to lose at the very worst moment.

What happened

In fact, Gambit and Alliance both were contenders for the last spot of the direct invites. Both of them were eager to win and they got the chance to determine which one will take the eight place during their match at EPICENTER, the last Major of this DPC season. Unfortunately for the CIS team, Alliance was having a very strong day. They had little to no trouble against their enemies and secured their spot.

After this, Gambit had no other choice but to focus on the upcoming closed qualifiers. They were definitely among the biggest favorites but due to internal issues, they did not get the slot.

Even though they had a very strong day one, the second one was a complete disaster. Not only were they unable to win a single game, but one of their star player Andrey “Afoninje” Afonin even rage quit after getting killed, something which is just absurd for a professional player, let alone in qualification for TI 9. Watch this incident unfold on YouTube here.


As of yesterday, “based on a mutual agreement”, Gambit parted ways with Afoninje and their head coach boo!k. This decision was definitely expected, considering what happened a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, Gambit will be able to bounce back in the next season. After all, they are definitely a very capable team, so all they need is a little bit of practice.

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Dota 2: Afoninje & BOO!K Leave Gambit
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