Dota 2: A Recap of the Meta Heroes in Western Europe After Tour 3

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Dota 2: A Recap of the Meta Heroes in Western Europe After Tour 3

The DPC's Tour 3 is a wrap in Western Europe, we take a look at the heroes who came out on top in the pro meta.

Following six epic weeks, Tour 3 of the 2021/2022 DPC is over, and we already know the names of every team that will attend the upcoming Major. The PGL Arlington Major 2022 will take place in August and include the best teams in the world.

Speaking of best teams, Western Europe will be one of the regions that will have four representatives. OG, Entity, Team Liquid and Tundra Esports have earned their place among the best and will try to show their prowess. The four teams will go up against the “top dogs” from China, SEA, South America, North America, and Eastern Europe.

Before we have the chance to watch the Major and the event that is about to take place a couple of days from now, it is time to take one step back. This article will focus on Tour 3’s meta and some of the popular heroes we saw in action.

The meta

Similar to what happened in the previous patch, the meta in 7.31d favors lineups that focus more on the mid-game. Although some teams prefer to bet on the late game and farming, most top names use heroes that allow them to take on as many fights as possible.

Speaking of popular heroes, almost every region used the same heroes. Some of them were popular in the previous patch and continue to have a key role in this one. However, certain names were nowhere to be found a couple of months ago.


As expected, Tiny is the most popular hero in Western Europe. According to the statistics, the hero appeared in 46 matches in both divisions. Even though he has a 47% win rating, Tiny played an irreplaceable role for many teams.

One of the many things that make him an excellent option among online bettors is his unpredictability. Tiny is a hero that teams can put in any role and he will make it work. Despite not being popular support, the hero is an excellent carry and a fantastic mid-laner. 

Since he has been in the meta for a couple of months, it seems like many teams already know how to deal with him. That’s why Tiny has less than a 50% win rating. With that being said, he is among the most successful heroes on the list.


Everyone knows that Mars was the go-to offlaner for a couple of months. The hero was extremely popular in PUB and pro games because of his high damage, hardiness, and team fight potential. However, the latest nerfs slowly pushed him away from the meta and paved the way for Dawnbreaker.

Despite being one of the most controversial heroes in the game, Dawn finally found his role in the meta. The hero is the hottest offlaner right now, which explains why teams in Western Europe picked him 40 times. Unfortunately, Dawnbreaker’s win rating is only 37% because the hero won 15 out of 40 matches.

Teams who go for this hero know that he is solid early on and becomes less powerful as time goes on. Therefore, they try to make the most of him in the early and mid-game. 

Many teams combine Dawn with some of the famous late-game monsters in the meta, like Medusa and Terrorblade. However, others want to take advantage of his global ultimate and pick him alongside heroes like Zeus and Spectre.


While we are talking about new heroes in Dota 2, it is time to address the most impressive hero in the DPC so far. Marci is one of the latest heroes in Dota 2, which means that she was not accessible in the CM mode. However, the latest patch changed this and allowed teams to pick the hero.

Needless to say, Marci quickly became one of the favorite options for almost every team. What’s impressive about the hero is the win rating. This is among the only popular picks in Tour 3 that has more than a 63% win rate. 

Marci started as a support, but some teams prefer to put her in the safe lane. As expected, she is also suitable for the offlane, but only in some aspects


After sharing more info about supports, carries, and offlaners, it is time to show you one of the hottest midders in the current meta. Zeus is not a standard mid-laner because he is usually not among the go-to options. However, this meta is great for him because his new ability makes him even more dangerous.

Zeus is not a hero that can is known for his durability. However, he is the best nuker in the game, which makes him an excellent option for the mid-game matchups. The hero appeared in 37 matches and has a 56% win rate, which makes him the second-best midder in the patch, after Puck.


Clock has always been a key hero for some European teams, so we are not surprised that he is one of the top heroes. Following his 36 appearances, the roaming support/offlaner has more than a 52% win rate, which is not bad for a hero in his position.

Clockwerk’s ability to harras weak laners and the fact that he can be really annoying in team fights make him stand out. With that being said, the hero is not as famous in other regions as he is in Western Europe.


Puck proved itself time and time again as the best mid-laner in the meta. If you don’t believe us, check the official stats, and you will see that the hero has a 70% win rate. This makes it the most successful hero on this list.

Puck is an excellent option for teams who want to control the game’s tempo. The hero deals a lot of damage and can be almost impossible to kill. Furthermore, Puck is one of the best heroes for a 1v1 scenario. Hence, the mid-laner can easily defeat most heroes in a 1v1 scenario.


Although Dawnbreaker is the hottest offlaner in the current meta, Beastmaster plays a crucial role for many teams. This is one of the few heroes that were popular in the previous meta and continued to be among the preferred options by some of the best teams.

Beastmaster is great because of his ability to lane against anything. He is also an excellent option for pushing, and his ultimate allows him to disable a target that is difficult to kill. All those things help him stay relevant, which explains why he has a 54.55% win rate. Beastmaster appeared in 33 matches.

Dota 2: A Recap of the Meta Heroes in Western Europe After Tour 3
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