Dota 2: 5 Players From Western Europe Who Shined During the 2023 DPC Division I

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Dota 2: 5 Players From Western Europe Who Shined During the 2023 DPC Division I

We take a look at 5 players from Western Europe who showed just what they were made of during the 2023 DPC Division I.


After Division I of the 2023 DPC is over in every region, we finally know the names of all teams that will take part in the Lima Major. The latter will be the first Major of the 2023 DPC, and it will take place in South America.

There are around 2 weeks left before the start of the event, during which we can watch the best teams in Division II. Although we have our favorites, this article won’t go over them. Instead, it will focus on some of Western Europe's top Dota 2 players from the 2023 DPC.

Some Dota 2 fans might think WEU is overrated, but the recent results in all international competitions reveal that the teams here are on another level. Needless to say, this also applies to the players because the best in the region are performing really well.

Speaking of the devil, let’s go over some players that stand out from Western Europe. Unsurprisingly, we believe those whose teams qualified will be among the main contenders for the Lima Major.



ONE Esports Dota2 Invitational Team Secret 0018

When it comes down to the best individual player during the 2023 WEU Division I, most people can agree that this title should go to Nisha. The Polish Dota 2 superstar was incredible throughout Tour 1 and was the main reason for Team Liquid’s success. The squad finished first in Division I without losing a single series.

Nisha has always been one of the most dominant individual players in Dota 2. The mid-laner/carry has proven himself many times while he was a part of Team Secret. That’s why fans were shocked when they heard he was leaving the team.

It seems like Nisha’s decision to join Team Liquid was worth it because his team finished first, whereas Team Secret was last and will have to go to Div 2. Liquid didn’t have any problems in the series, during which Nisha got to play some of his best heroes. For example, people will remember his Invoker performance that carried Liquid in at least a couple of matches.



There is no arguing that OG is one of the fan-favorite teams. Although everyone expected the two times TI winning organization to have no problems in the 2023 WEU DPC Division I, OG failed to qualify for The Lima Major.

OG started really well, but the team lost 3 crucial series that forced them to play in the Tiebreaker. Although the team didn’t play as well as expected, Bzm was above the rest and was one of the main reasons OG won 4 matches in the first place.

The young Bulgarian mid-laner was the star for his team in several matches, such as the one against Entity in the Tiebreaker. His incredible performance on Ember Spirit kept the team’s chances of qualifying for the Major.

Although bzm’s performance was on another level, he could not carry his team to success. This means we won’t be able to see him or Yuragi in Lima. We can only hope that OG will step up its game for Tour 2 of the DPC and will help his team qualify for the tournament. 



Another core player who deserves to be on the list is Dyrachyo. He is Gamin Gladiator’s big star and one of the primary reasons for the team’s successful run at the 2023 WEU DPC Division I Tour 1. Although GG lost 2 matches, the team won all of its other encounters. Consequently, it finished 2nd in Division I and secured itself a slot for the Lima Major later this month.

Although everyone from Gamin Gladiator played really well if we have to point at someone who stood out, our vote goes for Dyrachyo. The latter has established himself as one of the top carriers in Europe, especially in the last couple of weeks. His incredible performance with heroes like Terrorblade has helped GG demolish teams like Nigma Galaxy.

Of course, when talking about Dyrachyo, we must remember his performance with Lina against Tundra Esports. Although fans expected GG to lose against the current TI champions, the Russian carry was on another level and ripped through his competitors. 


Nowadays, offlaners have a key role in their teams because they’re the ones that often dictate the tempo of the game. There are several top offlaners in Western Europe, but now that all of the matches in Division I are over, we think that Tobi from Entity deserves more attention than the rest.

Tobi is one of the Dota 2 offlaners who is not a fan of the heroes requiring a lot of farming. Consequently, we can often see him on heroes, such as BM and Cent, because they offer the team lot of utility.

Tobi had a key role for his team in a couple of series, including the one where the team ripped through Tundra Esports. His Broodmother has been one of the best in Western Europe, which is one of the reasons why his team will attend the first Major of the year.



Our last pick from Western Europe is from The International 11 winners. Tundra Esports started well in the 2023 WEU DPC Division I, but the team lost a couple of matches that forced it to participate in the Tiebreakers. Although it wasn’t easy, the team eventually defeated its opponents, which allowed it to secure a slot for the Lima Major.

Although everyone from the current TI champions had a key role in the team’s success, Nina was above the rest. The top-tier German midder has proved time and time again that his flexibility makes him incredibly dangerous. He is among the few players in Western Europe that can pick almost any hero and make it work.

Nine shined in several series throughout Division I of the DPC. Of course, he also had a crucial role in the Tiebreakers and helped his team succeed. 

Dota 2: 5 Players From Western Europe Who Shined During the 2023 DPC Division I
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