Dota 2: 5 Best Players From North America That Shined During The 2023 DPC Division I

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Dota 2: 5 Best Players From North America That Shined During The 2023 DPC Division I

The 2023 North American DPC Division I was interesting for many people, despite the absence of EG. Although the NA organization moved to South America, it left its roster here, which is why we got the chance to watch it in action.

To be honest, North America was the only Dota 2 region where we didn’t see any big surprises. The best teams in the region had little to no competition and successfully qualified for the Lima Major. Speaking of the devil, the first big Dota 2 event of 2023 will take place in just a few days from now.

Before we focus more on the competition, we’d like to share a few words about the top North American DPC 2023 Division I players so far. Since 2 teams were above the rest in this part of the world, it shouldn’t be surprising that we’ll include their players in this article.



When it comes down to the best Dota 2 mid-laners in North America, Abed is in a league of his own. This title belonged to SumaiL, but since the TI 5 winner is in WEU right now, Abed has little to no competition.

The mid-laner of Shopify Rebellion had a significant role in its success, and he is one of the big reasons why SR qualified for the Major. Even though the team lost one of the matches against TSM, it had little to no problems in the other ones. 

During Tour 1 Division 1 of the NA 2023 DPC, Abed had the chance to play many of his favorite heroes. In addition to Morphling, we’ve also seen him on Mirana, Nature’s Prophet, Batrider, and several other heroes. 

Abed’s prowess and unpredictability make him oen of the most generous opponents to fo up against. Unsurprisingly, he will be the main driving force behind SR and the team’s performance at the Lima Major.



Even though EG’s previous roster consists of superstars that people regard as the best in North America, even they weren’t able to deal with TSM. The only NA team that reached the final of a big international event continues its successful run in the DPC. Thanks to players like Timado, TSM defeated their mighty opponents and secured first place in the Division.

Even though everyone from TSM’s squad deserves to be on the list, it is safe to say that Timado earned it. He’s been a part of the team for more than one year, and he established himself as one of the top NA carries. Although some people will say that he doesn’t have the achievements of Arteezy, Timado’s most recent performance has been on another level.

Peru’s superstar is known for being good with heroes like Juggernaut, Morphling, Shadow Fiend, and more. However, he is flexible and can play with many other options. 

It will be interesting to see whether Timad will be able to carry his team during the Major. The event will take place in his home country, which should help him be even more effective.



When it comes down to position 5 players in North America, it is tough to get any better than Fly. The latter has been one of the top Dota 2 supports for many years now, and it seems like he doesn’t want to stop anytime soon.

Even though he changed his team several times in the last couple of years, he’s been an invaluable part of Evil Geniuses (now called Shopify Rebellion). His tactics and understanding of the game have helped his team tremendously, and this Division I was not an exception.

To be fair, Shopify Rebellion doesn’t do anything extraordinary, at least not yet. Instead, the team sticks with the top picks in the meta and goes for heroes that their core players are used to. For example, Abed is a well-known TA & Storm player, whereas Arteezy is regarded as the best Naga player in the world. Since the hero is hot right now, you can see it more often than usual.



This is the only player on the list not from TSM or Shopify Rebellion, which makes him even more special. Moo is a popular offlaner in NA that has been a parto f several big teams over the years. However, he joined nouns in 2022, and he and his team have been trying to establish themselves as the best in the region ever since.

Although Moo helped nouns in the 2022 DPC, even he wasn’t able to guide his team to victory against TSM and Shopify Rebellion. He and his team finished third, which means that they will miss out on the Lima Major. Sadly, North America only got 2 slots for the event. 

Despite the third place, Moo impressed us with his performance in almost every game. He is a well-known Timbersaw and BM player, which is good news because these 2 heroes are really good right now. The bad news is that we won’t be able to see him in action in Lima.


Despite being the “new kid on the block”, the UK Dota 2 player Ari’s performance has been impressive. It is safe to say that the 20-year-old position 4 player is one of the most talented supports in the game. He reached the 11K MMR milestone in late 2022, which makes him one of the highest-rated support players in Dota 2.

What’s interesting about Ari is that he is also a carry player. He had to be a pos1 player when he was a part of Into The Breach but be transitioned to support for TSM. It seems like this was a good idea because he impressed everyone.

We will keep an eye on Ari because we’re confident he has a bright future ahead of him. Who knows, he may become TSM’s superstar in the upcoming Major.


Dota 2: 5 Best Players From North America That Shined During The 2023 DPC Division I
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