Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2: BetBoom Team vs HellRaisers Preview and Predictions

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Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2: BetBoom Team vs HellRaisers Preview and Predictions

Week of the 2023 DPC Tour 2 in Eastern Europe is here, and it has a couple of very interesting matches to keep an eye on. One of them is the upcoming clash as we see BetBoom Team vs HellRaisers . Both played well during Tour 1 and participated in The Lima Major 2023, but neither lived up to the expectations.

With that said, Tour 2 arrived, and with it, the two powerhouses have to do everything they can to secure a top 3 finish. Naturally, the best Dota 2 betting websites will allow you to punt on this series, so let’s learn more about it. We’ll also include an overview of the most popular markets. 

BetBoom Team

It’s safe to say that BetBoom was among the big disappointments at the last Major because the team lost in the Group Stage. With that said, the roster is keen on not making the same mistake twice.

Following the end of Week 1, BetBoom secured 1 win against Natus Vincere and a loss versus Team Spirit. Consequently, the match against HR will be important for TORONTOKYO and the rest.


Like BetBoom, HR wasn’t able to show what it’s capable of and was eliminated from The Lima Major 2023 very early on. Nevertheless, the squad is among the best in the 2023 WEU DPC Tour 2 Division I and has the results to back it up.

After Week 1 concluded, HR secured 3 victories. RAMZESS666 and co. defeated Virtus.Pro, One Move, and DS. Hence, they are currently occupying first place in Division I.

Dota 2 EEU DPC Division I Predictions 

Regarding Dota 2 predictions about this match, it’s tough to guess what will happen because both teams are evenly matched. However, our tipsters and their many years of experience came up with the following predictions.

Match Winner

Since this match can’t end in a draw, we think HellRaisers will win it. Judging by the team’s most recent results, it is playing better and winning more. However, HR is yet to face a big challenge, whereas BB Team played against Spirit.

Roshan Kills

The team that dominates more in the game is usually the one that secures more Dota 2 Roshan kills. Nowadays, all pro Dota 2 teams base their tactics around the Aegis, so we think HR will have more Roshan kills.

Total Kills 

Those interested in Dota 2 betting will often find the Over/Under market when it comes down to kills in a game. BB Team and HellRaisers are known for their aggressive playstyle, so we think each game will have more than 50 kills combined.

Player with the Most Kills

Assuming HR will win the match, there is no arguing that RAMZESS666 should be the player with the most kills. The CIS Dota 2 prodigy is among the best in the region. 

That said, if BB Team snatches the victory, this title can go to gpk~. The latter is the most promising mid-laner in Eastern Europe right now.

Player with the Most Assists

Although choosing the player with the most assists is complicated, we’ll bet on Save-. The latter is one of the more active position 4s in the EEU DPC Tour 2, so we expect him to take part in most kills.

Player with the Most Deaths

Usually, supports are those with the most deaths, and since we consider HR the favorite, our pick goes to TORONTOKYO. The TI-winning mid-laner is fairly new to the position 5 role, so we expect HR to take advantage of it.

Total Towers Destroyed

One of the Dota 2 betting markets will allow you to bet on the number of towers that the two teams will destroy per game. Considering that both like picking drafts that let them push fast, we think that we will see 10+ towers in each game.

Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2: BetBoom Team vs HellRaisers Preview and Predictions
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