Dota 2 2023 DPC Tour 2 Division I Recap – South America

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Dota 2 2023 DPC Tour 2 Division I Recap – South America

All the highlights from South America's DPC Tour 2, Division I.

The 2023 DPC Tour 2 Division I in South America will be one of the most intriguing regions to watch. With just 2 slots for the Majro and 4 5 times capable of qualifying, every match is crucial. Consequently, the results in Week 1 were really important.

Most of the top-tier squads in South America didn’t disappoint us with their results. However, there were a couple of big names that didn’t live up to the expectations, which is why it’s time to go through all of the interesting results. Make sure to check our recaps for all of the other 2023 Tour 2 DPC regions if you’ve missed out on any of the action.

Beastcoast won 3 matches

Every Dota 2 fan knows that beastcoast is one of the best South American teams in the world. Even though the likes of OG joined this region, DarkMago and co. are a force to be reckoned with. Consequently, most people aren’t surprised by the team’s dominant results in Week 1.

It all started with an important victory against KStars, one of the potential squads that can finish in the Top 2. The match between the Brazilian superstars and BC was pretty one sided in both games. That said, the first one was more interesting because we had the chance to watch a lot of new heroes. 

In the second game of the match, BC’s Sven and Phoenix lineup gave them a massive advantage in team fights. Keyd Stars tried using heroes from the previous meta, but they didn’t have enough power to win.

After dealing with the Brazilian roster, BC’s second challenge of the week was versus Qhali. The latter is definitely not one of the big names in South Africa, but the series between the two was more intriguing than expected. The newcomers in Division I won the series' first game, which required BC to step up their game in the next 2 matches to win.

The battle against Thunder Awaken

The final challenge for BC during Week 1 of Tour 2 of the 2023 SA DPC was against Thunder Awaken. Unsurprisingly, ILICH- and the rest are among the main contenders for the top 2 slots, so the battle between them was significant.

South American Dota 2 fans had the pleasure of watching 3 epic games. Beastcoast won the first and the third one fairly easily, but the second match was the most interesting one. Thunder Awaken’s Alchemist and BS draft didn’t seem good on paper, but the SA squads used it perfectly, allowing them to equalize the series. Sadly, even this wasn’t enough for Thunder Awaken to win.

Good news: TA won their other 2 matches

Despite losing against BC, not all hopes are gone for the South American team because it won its previous 2 series. Thunder Awaken started their 2023 DPC Tour 2 run with a clean victory against Qhali. 

The latter just didn’t have the needed experience to deal with their formidable opponents and lost both matches in 31 minutes.  Michael- and the rest of his squad had a better pick and knew exactly what to do to win the match as fast as possible.

After the victory against the new team in Division I, it was time for an important match vs Keyd Stars. The Brazilian squad had already lost its first series versus BC, so it had to win this one to keep its qualifying chances. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and the team lost.

The first game in this match was a walk in the park for Thunder Awaken, who got their hands on Alchemist. As expected, the team did everything it can to ensure he’ll have a good game, which is why he carried them in just 32 minutes. 

With that said, the second match was way more intense and lasted more than 48 minutes. The battle between Troll Warlord and Terrorblade was entertaining to watch, but in the end, Keyd Stars had a better late-game draft. The team took advantage of a few crucial mistakes and won the match.

The bad news is that Keyd Stars wasn’t able to do the same in the deciding series. Following the loss, TA changed its draft to focus on Medusa and ensured she’d have a good game. Although KD’s draft also looked solid, the team couldn’t figure out how to stop the late-game monster and lost the match.

EG got 2 victories

When it comes down to favorites in the 2023 DPC South America Tour 2 Division I, we need to mention Evil Geniuses. The latter was the newcomer in Division I, but this didn’t stop the team from ripping through their competitors. Even more impressive is that EG was the best-performing South American team at The Lima Major 2023.

The first challenge for the powerhouse was a match against Infinity. Even though it should’ve been a clean 2-0, the team made a mistake in the first game that allowed their opponents to take the lead. Consequently, EG had to bounce back in the next 2 games to win the match.

The team had no problems in the second one and won after just 25 minutes. However, the third clash offered us a lot of action from both sides. Even though Infinity had its chances, in the end, EG won and got its first victory.

After this victory, it was time for the team to deal with none other than Alliance.LATAM. As one of the squads who had a top 2 potential, this match was more important than it seemed. Fortunately, EG lived up to the expectations and won it.

The first game was undeniably more interesting because both teams used a mixture of the old and new meta. Alliance relied on their Phantom Lancer to carry them, but the hero wasn’t able to do that because EG was better.

After the loss, Alliance.LATAM changed their draft and got Enigma and Luna. Sadly, they weren’t able to do much against the classic Naga and Silencer that we’ve seen time and time again. Evil Geniuses had a better draft for team fights and used their experience to outfarm their opponents’ cores.


Dota 2 2023 DPC Tour 2 Division I Recap – South America
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