DOTA 2: 2022 DPC Western Europe Division I and Division II Week 3 Results

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DOTA 2: 2022 DPC Western Europe Division I and Division II Week 3 Results

We look at what happened during the third week of the DPC in Western Europe.

The third week of the DPC season in Western Europe was crucial for some teams, such as Nigma Galaxy. As you will see in just a bit, TI 7 champions finally broke their curse and secured the first win after three consecutive losses.

Besides the massacre in Division I, there were loads of other interesting events to watch in Division II. We go through each match and check some of the most exciting moments from Week 3.

Division I

Some of the best Dota 2 teams in the world are placed in WEU’s Division I, which means there are loads of action-packed series to watch. With that being said, this week’s matches were probably the most amusing ones yet.

Alliance vs Coolguys

The first match of the week in WEU was between Alliance and Coolguys. These two teams are not performing that well, but after the result results, there is no arguing that Alliance is better.

Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov and his teammates had little to no trouble against Gleb “Funn1k” Lipatnikov. Alliance didn’t allow CG to do anything after picking Lifestealer and Queen of Pain in game one. These two heroes are notorious for their firepower, and once they snowball, it is almost impossible for the enemy team to make a comeback.

After the loss, Coolguys tried to steal a page of Alliance’s book by picking QoP for themselves. Although the hero could do a lot of damage, even she was not enough for the new team in Division I to win. After just 32-minutes, Funn1k and his teammates had to give up and prepare themselves for game two.

OG vs Nigma Galaxy

The second series of the week was one of the most anticipated ones because OG’s new roster was about to meet the legendary squad of Nigma Galaxy. The hype was to the roof because a clash of this caliber is always fun to watch. Unfortunately for Nigma’s fans, the young OG squad was able to win both games relatively easily. One of the players that definitely made a difference is Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov, the 16-year-old Dota 2 prodigy part of OG.

The first game was more intense because it lasted for almost 42-minutes. OG was in the driving seat for most of the time, whereas NG relied on their Slark to bounce back. Despite being a good hero for the specific situation, Slark was unable to carry NG to victory.

After losing the first game of the series, the second one was not looking good for Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov and his teammates. They’ve picked a very aggressive lineup that features multiple core heroes, but it didn’t go in their favor. OG succeded in just 31-minutes and secured themselves yet another victory.

Team Liquid vs Tundra Esports

Many people consider Team Liquid to be among the best teams in the world after the recent roster changes. It seems like they are not wrong because they proved they have loads of potential after the team's last series. Tundra Esports is one of the more dangerous teams in the league, but even Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu was not enough to stop Division I’s leaders.

Game One was really interesting because we saw a battle between Luna and Monkey King. Even though Luna had some advantage, Liquid’s team was just on another level in most team fights. After 42-minutes of epic Dota 2 action, the EU powerhouse was able to deliver its knock-out punch.

Game Two was easier for Team Liquid because of OD. This hero proved yet again that he has a lot of potentials when used correctly. Tundra Esports tried to rely on their Luna yet again, but the hero didn’t have enough firepower to bring down MATU and co.

Alliance vs Team Tickles

Unlike Coolguys, the second team new to Division I is absolutely flourishing. After the impressive victory against Nigma Galaxy, TT was able to rip through Alliance, despite being the underdog.

The first game of the series was a nightmare for Nikobaby and the others because they had no chances of surviving. It took Team Tickles just 25-minutes to take the lead in the series.

After the heavy loss, Alliance picked an exciting draft that included Silencer. You don’t see this hero often, especially in pro games. He did pretty well throughout the game, but even he was not enough to help the team succeed. After 50-minutes of epic Dota 2 action,  TT secured yet another victory. This allows them to occupy second place in Division II, which is impressive.

Team Secret vs Nigma Galaxy

The last series of the week in Division I was the battle between Team Secret and Nigma Galaxy. Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi and the rest of his team is the most under performing Dota 2 roster right now, but it seems like things will change. Despite being the underdog, Nigma Galaxy managed to bring down the mighty Team Secret.

Both games were not easy for NG, but after several mistakes for TS, Kuroky and co. got themselves the first victory. TI 7 champions utilized Bane and Queen of Pain in both of their games, and it seems like it paid off.

Division II

Despite the amazing action in Division I, Western Europe’s Division II was also an arena of epic battles. Let’s go over some of the most interesting ones.

Brame vs CHILLAX

These two teams are evenly matched in Division II, so Dota 2 fans were eager to see which one would come on top. Although CHILLAX had its chances after winning game one, the next two rounds went in favor of Brame.

The series was intense and fast-paced because all three games were less than 40-minutes long. In the end, Brame had the better pick, which allowed them to take the series and second place in Division II.

No Bounty Hunter vs Ghost Frogs

No BH used to be one of the favorites in Division II, but it seems like the roster has serious problems. After yet another painful defeat, Vitaliy “Yellow Flash” Shvaga is currently last in Division II. This means there's a pretty good chance the team won’t be able to achieve anything this season.

Although the second game of the series was more interesting, both of them were one-sided. Ghost Frogs had the lead and didn’t allow it to slip.

Into The Breach vs Entity

The third game of the series was fun and exciting because ITB and Entity were pretty evenly matched. However, judging from the score, it seems like Entity was the better team, especially in game one.

The first clash lasted just 19-minutes because Daniel “Stormstormer” Schoetzau and his friends absolutely dominated their opponents. The same happened in game two, but this time, ITB had their chances of succeeding. Sadly, they didn’t have enough firepower and had no other option but to use the GG call.

Brame vs Chicken Fighters

No one expected Chicken Fighters to be that strong, but this roster continues to dominate Division II. This time, the team had to go up against Brame, which is also one of the favorites in this division.

We had the chance to watch three epic games, but in the end, CF was victorious. The team lost game one, but they managed to turn the series around after winning the second and third games. Both were fun to watch because Chicken Fighters gave everything they had.

CHILLAX VS No Bounty Hunter

We expected to watch a fantastic series, but No BH had problems with its roster, so it had no other option but to forfeit. This was a nice bonus for CHILLAX, especially after losing the first series of the week against Brame.

DOTA 2: 2022 DPC Western Europe Division I and Division II Week 3 Results
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