DOTA 2: 2022 DPC South America Division I and Division II Week 5 Results

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DOTA 2: 2022 DPC South America Division I and Division II Week 5 Results

All the results during the fifth week of the DPC in South America.

Similar to other regions in the DPC, the epic matches in South America are slowly but steadily coming to an end. This was a crucial week in South America because some teams guaranteed themselves that they will stay in this division next time. Sadly, one of the teams that used to be the leading force in the region won’t be able to compete in Division I next time, which is surprising, to say the least.

Without further ado, let’s go over each match and see which team managed to win.

Division I

It was another week of exciting moments in SA's top bracket of competition, here's everything that happened.

NoPing esports vs SG e-sports

The first series of the week was probably the most interesting one because these two teams had to fight for survival. Even though they achieved good results in 2021, neither of them was able to show their prowess. This is especially true for SG e-sports, a team that used to be the best in South America.

Sadly, SG e-sport’s is just a shadow of its former glory after it lost yet another series in Division I. This loss was devastating because it guaranteed the team’s position in Division II the next time they have to compete in the SA DPC.

The first game was fun because neither team had an advantage. As the late game approached, SG e-sports looked like the more dangerous opponent because of Medusa. However, the hero was insufficient to help the team because NoPing’s WK was too strong.

After losing a game they should’ve won, the team tried to pick another interesting draft. However, it was not powerful enough to deal with Trent and QoP, two heroes that NoPing picked for the second game as well.

Infamous vs Lava

These two teams proved to everyone that they shouldn’t be underestimated. After securing several victories, it was time to play against each other. Some people thought that Lava would be victorious, but Ricardo “Alone” Sanchez Fernandez and the rest of Infamous did the impossible and took the series in their favor.

The first and second games of the series were pretty fast as both teams exchanged a victory. INF dominated the first one, whereas Lava ripped through their opponents in game two. This led to final game three, where Lava tried to utilize some of the hottest heroes in the meta – SB and QoP.

Although they did well, INF’s roster picked Faceless Void, a hero that played a massive role in the team’s success. Thanks to his ultimates, Infamous is better positioned to secure a slot for Division I next time.

Hokori vs APU King of Kings

These two teams were among the contenders to win Division I, but they failed to live up to the expectations. Fortunately, APU King of Kings is in a better position after winning its match against Hokori.

The first game between the two was an easy victory for Benny “Benny” Cervantes and the rest because they had a better draft. Although Hokori picked solid heroes in game two as well, it was not enough to bring down APU’s motivated roster.

NoPing vs Thunder Predator

After their first victory for the week, NoPing was eager to prove itself against the strongest team in the region. Despite winning the second game after a series of mistakes from Thunder Preador, NoPing was unable to defeat the mighty roster.

The first and third games of the series were easy for TP because they had the better draft and didn’t allow their opponents to take advantage of their heroes’ potential. The second game also looked good for TP, but the team lost control of the game and allowed its opponents to take the lead. Despite losing this game, TP bounced back in the third one and won the series.

beastcoast vs SG e-sports

Just when we thought that the most exciting series was over, this one reminded us why Dota 2 is one of the most interesting games. BC is one of the favorites in South America and it has always been among the best in the world. Despite achieving excellent results so far, the team was unable to defeat SG e-sports, who secured their first victory.

Interestingly, all three games were fast-paced, which was fun to watch because the action was everywhere.  Despite winning game two, BC could not bounce back and take the series after losing the decisive map.

Division II

South America's lower division had it's own share of the action this week, we break each series.

Infinity vs Wolf

Infinity is probably the most dominating team in the DPC because it has yet to lose a game in Division II. Wolf played well in this series, but they were not strong enough to bring down the leading force in South America’s Division II. After yet another 2-0 victory, it is clear that this would be one of the teams that will compete in the elite division next time.

Inverse vs Balrogs

Apart from Infinity, Balrogs is the second team in Division II that impresses with its skills. In this series, the team did not allow its opponents to do anything after dominating them in both games. The first one lasted for 21 minutes, so you can probably guess that Bernardo “Berna” Rocca Alarcón and co. had little to no trouble.

Game two was more intense, but after winning the laning stage, Balrogs managed to take control of the game and win fairly easily.

Interitus vs Omega Gaming

Omega Gaming secured yet another victory after defeating Interitus in a gruesome three-game thriller. Storm Spirit and Drow Ranger helped Jonathan Fernando “Tano” Lucana Sanchezz and his mates win the first game, but WK and Centaur did not allow them to do the same in the second one.

After winning game two, Interitus tried to replicate its strategy and picked an almost identical strat. However, instead of getting WK, the team picked Magnus, which was a bad decision because Omega Gaming ripped through them.

Unknown Team vs G-Pride

The battle between David and Goliath did not go well for Unknown Team, which is one of the few rosters in the DPC that is yet to win a series. Gorillaz Pride had no problems defeating its opponents in both games. UT tried to use interesting tactics, but G-Pride picked some of their comfortable heroes because they needed to secure this victory. This puts them in a good position to take over the other leaders in Division II.

Interverse vs Wolf Team

The last series in Division II was between Wolf Team and Interverse. Gabriel “Rayuur” Pinheiro and other people from his team had to win this game in order to save their chances of staying in Division II. Sadly, this didn’t go as planned because Wolf Team managed to win with a score of 1:2.

DOTA 2: 2022 DPC South America Division I and Division II Week 5 Results
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