Dota 2: 2022 DPC South America Division I and Division II Week 4 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC South America Division I and Division II Week 4 Results

We take you through the latest results from South America’s DPC.

Even though the South American Dota 2 region is as competitive as some other ones, the games are always interesting to watch. The first three weeks of the DPC were full of action, so we expected the same to happen in the fourth week. Needless to say, some of the best teams in Division I and Division II didn’t let us down because we had the chance to watch numerous amazing series.

Similar to our recap for other regions, this one will try to go over some of the things in each match. Make sure to visit the Dota 2 section of our site if you want to learn more about the other regions.

Division I

beastcoast vs NoPing e-sports

The first series of this wonderful week was a flight between one of the favorites in Division I and NoPing e-sports. Although BC clearly shines more than their opponents, this series was way more interesting than we expected.

The first game wasted almost 50-minutes because NoPing picked Tinker and Kunkka. These two heroes were capable of keeping their base safe from their opponents, but in the end, BC delivered the knock-out punch.

After winning the first game, Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales and everyone else used their momentum and played really well in game two. They didn’t allow NoPing to utilize their drafts potential and secured another victory.

Thunder Predator vs APU King of Kings

The second series of the week that was as interesting as the first one was between TP and APU King of Kings. Even though some people didn’t expect TP to be so dominant in Division I, they are the second team yet to taste a defeat after Team Spirit. Lucky for them, their streak was left untouched after two dominant victories against their opponents.

Both games were around 40-minutes and were interesting to watch, but Thunder Predator had the lead in both of them. The team had better drafts and didn’t give its opponents any chances.

beastcoast vs Infamous

This was probably the most anticipated series of the week because two of the best teams in Division I. People expected to see an epic fight, and the two squads gave them what they wanted in three exceptional games.

BC took the first one after securing a solid lead from the laning stage. INF had an interesting draft with Gyro and Ember, but they couldn’t use it to its full potential. Lucky for them, QoP and Legion Commanded helped Ricardo “Alone” Sanchez Fernandez and the others from his team to win the second game of the series. Even though BC tried to bounce back, they made several mistakes that gave their opponents a massive lead. Thanks to Morphling, Infamous secured themselves the late game and pushed the series into a game three.

Unfortunately, BC made several crucial mistakes in game three, which prevented them from winning the series, despite winning the first game of the series. Following the loss, the two teams have similar stats, so it will be interesting to see which one will take second place.

Lava vs NoPing

Lava and NoPing expected to perform well in Division I, but both teams failed to impress after three weeks of action. So, instead of fighting for a place in the Major, they have to make sure that they won’t be relegated to Division II.

Following the recent results, NoPing is the team that has to be more careful because it lost both maps vs Lava. The first game was interesting and close, but in game two, NoPing was unable to show its prowess. After the loss, the team has to be careful about its next couple of matches if it wants to stay in Division I.

Hokori vs SG esports

Once one of the best teams in South America, SG esports is just a shadow of what it used to be. The most recent series delivered yet another nail in the coffin for this team after it failed to win against Hokori.

Yuma Benjamin Langlet “Yuma” Muckenhirn and the other four players from his team had no problem defeating SG esports. The team won the laning stage in both of them and slowly defeated its opponents.

Division II

Balrogs vs Omega Gaming

Balrogs and Omega Gaming kicked the first series of Divison II in SEA, which took place in December last year. As expected, the Peruvian squads that consisted of Sebastian Cerralta “Robo-Z” Velarde and four top-rated players continued their dominant performance in the division.

The two games were interesting to watch and full of action, but Omega Gaming did not show everything it is capable of. The team made several rookie mistakes, which allowed their opponents to gain a lead and secure the victory for themselves.

Unknown Team vs Balrogs

After defeating Omega Gaming, Balrogs had to play against UT, which is not doing well. In fact, the team hasn’t won a single series yet, so we weren’t surprised Balrogs took the victory in their favor.

Game one lasted for twenty minutes, but what was even more surprising was the second game of the series, which Balrogs won in 18-minutes. Needless to say, the team had no problems in both series and secured itself a solid chance to advance to Division I.

Infinity vs Omega Gaming

Omega Gaming also had a second series in week four, but it had the uneasy task of going up against Infinity. The latter seems like it will be one of the two teams that will advance to Division I because they're yet to taste a defeat.

As expected, Infinity was able to win against its opponents after picking interesting heroes in both games. We had the chance to watch Anti-Mage and Undying, two heroes that are not really popular in other regions.

Omega Gaming did OK in both games, but it did not have enough firepower to bring down the favorites in Division II. Consequently, the team had to sufferer another loss in the 4th week of the DPC.

Interitus vs Wolf Team

These two teams failed to win some of the matches that they needed to have a chance at advancing to Division I. As a result, both teams now have to try and remain in the current division for the next tour.

Interitus was considered the favorite, but after Wolf Team was the one that was able to win the series after a dominant performance. The Brazillian powerhouse dominated their opponents on both games, which was surprising because INT had a solid draft. Sadly, it was not enough to defeat its opponents.

Gorillaz-Pride vs Interitus

This week was not great for Interitus because the squad suffered another loss against Gorillaz-Pride after losing to Wolf Team. Game one was easy for Darsee “TaO” Egoavil and everyone else, and it only lasted 27-minutes. Lina and Gyrocopter is not the most popular combo in the game, but it helped GPIDE lead the series.

After losing game one, Interitus stepped up their game and picked Storm Spirit and Ursa. These two heroes can snowball out of control, but INT failed to use their potential. Gorillaz-Pride played well and did not give its opponents any chances, securing themselves yet another victory.

Dota 2: 2022 DPC South America Division I and Division II Week 4 Results
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