Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 6 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 6 Results

The results for the last week of DPC Tour 1.

The conclusion of SEA's DPC saw BOOM Esports on the top with Fnatic and T1 following in second and third place. Motivate.Trust Gaming and TNC Predator sit on seventh and eighth spot and will face relegation.

The Division II also had intense action to offer, with Polaris Esports leading unbeaten, Nigma Galaxy in second place and Ragdoll in third place. 496 and InterActive Philippines fall on the bottom end and will no longer be part of the next DPC.

Division I

All the action from the last week of competition in the top tier of the SEA DPC.

BOOM Esports Vs Execration

The first match saw BOOM quickly gaining net worth and some advantage. BOOM didn’t give any space to Execration and won 34-10 in under 20 minutes. The second game was similar, Execration failed to do anything with their draft. They had Luna, Mars and Puck. BOOM picked Razor, Batrider and Dragon Knight, which dominated from early to mid game. BOOM won 37-9 in under 30 minutes.

Fnatic Vs T1

The first match between these two was equal in the early game. However. Fnatic slowly started going ahead and took over the game quickly. The score of the first match was 9-24 in Fnatic’s favor. The second match was 50 minutes long with T1 dictating it from the start. Fnatic lost the match and the score at the end of the game was 16-36. The deciding game was 43 minutes long, but it was low scoring. Fnatic took the series with a score of 18-8.

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Motivate.Trust Gaming Vs Neon Esports

The first match saw Neon getting an early lead but losing it later. MG.Trust won the first round by 10-25 in 39 minutes. The second match was 47 minutes long, and both teams were looking good. However, it was Neon who came on top with a score of 39-36. The last match also had Neon in the early lead and win the game by 31-16 scoreline.

Division I Tiebreakers

Fnatic did extremely well against Team SMG to win 38-37 in under 52 minutes. The next match against T1 also went their way, with the latter losing 19-24 in a 33-minute game.

Team SMG lost to T1 fighting for the third place. The game saw a scoreline of 18-39 in a 34 minute game.

Neon won both their matches against Execration and Motivate.Trust Gaming in 5th-7th Place Tiebreakers. Their score against Execration was 11-30 and against MG.Trust they had a win of 24-12. Execration held the sixth place after winning against MG.Trust with a score of 24-13.

Division II

We take you through everything that happened during our final week of games in Division II.

496 Vs InterActive Philippines

496 stomped IAP to win the series 2-0. Their first match was 28-minute long with a score of 12-45. The second game was also a dominant performance from 496 with a 40-17 scoreline in 39 minutes.

Polaris Esports Vs Ragdoll

Polaris are leading the DPC table and their performance against Ragdoll was nothing short of brilliant. The first match had a score of 11-32 in favor of Polaris. Ragdoll were swept in the second too, where they lost 28-13 in just over 30 minutes.

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Nigma Galaxy Vs Lilgun

Nigma Galaxy lost the first match against Lilgun with a scoreline of 36-24. Lilgun’s Templar Assassin dominated the game and the rest of the lineup complimented each other well. The second match saw Nigma bringing their A-game and winning with a score of 46-14. Lilgun bounced back strongly and won after an hour long match with a score of 41-33.

Division II Tiebreakers

Army Geniuses took the sixth spot from 496 in a 2-0 win. The first match had a score of 15-27 and the second match 10-33 in their favor.

Nigma Galaxy and Ragdoll went head to head for the second and third place. After losing the first match to Ragdoll in a 30-18 scoreline, Nigma won the second and third games with 34-23 and 37-55 scores, respectively. The last match was almost a 90-minute long marathon.

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