Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 5 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 5 Results

A summary of everything that happened during week 5 of DPC in Southeast Asia.

The fifth week has drawn to a close and we can now see a clearer picture of the league table. BOOM and  T1 are having the best tour with only a single defeat. Team SMG are following them with Fnatic in close proximity. In the second division Polaris lead undefeated, followed by Nigma Galaxy and Ragdoll.

Division I

Some thrilling games and entertaining matches in the upper division of SEA.

TNC Predator Vs Neon Esports

TNC were having a tough time in the league. However, their match against Neon has given something to take away from the first tour. They won the first match 40-25 with Viper and Phantom Assassin racking up most kills. The second match was quick to go in TNC’s way with their Ember Spirit and Wraith King leading the action. Neon couldn’t do much and lost 10-21 to TNC.

T1 Vs Execration

T1 established an early lead against Execration and continued to add to it. Unable to respond to T1’s plays, Execration lost 38-10 in just over 36 minutes. The second game was much more of a close call, but T1 still finished it with a victory. They won the last match 22-21.

TNC Predator Vs Team SMG

Team SMG claimed the first match with a score of 26-35. Even though TNC’s Queen Of Pain was having a great game, she couldn’t carry the game alone. Both Lina and a farmed Terrorblade on SMG were stronger. The second game saw TNC take a step forward. It was a very high tempo game, with fights taking place in brief intervals. It was TNC who came on top and took the lead. They finished the game with a 19-34 win in under 40 minutes. The last match was a 8-37 stomp by Team SMG. It was mainly the hero picks which hindered TNC in the last match and cost them the series.

Team SMG Vs Neon Esports

Team SMG won the first match with a score of 38-27 in 41 minutes. SMG’s Slark pick was great against Neon’s lineup and it gave lots of trouble. Neon bounced back in the second match. They picked a support Weaver, which was breaking down fights and a Drow Ranger, which scaled great in the late game. SMG had good picks too, but they couldn’t execute the game plan properly and lost 49-28. The third match saw SMG thrash Neon with a score of 9-34 in a one-sided game.

Fnatic Vs Execration

Fnatic have been a little more stable than Execration in Tour 1. They won 2-0 against them on the last day of week 5. The first match was one-sided with Fnatic winning 11-41 in under 40 minutes. It was mostly Queen Of Pain and Chaos Knight rampaging and destroying the Execration side. Fnatic took the second game with a score of 31-15. Execration were having trouble in the matchups and couldn’t really execute their plans.

BOOM Esports Vs T1

BOOM versus T1 was nothing short of a crazy game. The first match saw BOOM playing aggressively to take fights and objectives. T1 had two greedy cores including Wraith King and Terrorblade and BOOM tried to dominate early to finish the game. However, things didn’t go as planned and T1 caught on the farm. BOOM lost momentum and the game with a score of 28-22. The second match saw T1 annihilate BOOM 11-52. Although the game went on for a long time, it was not an enjoyable experience for BOOM.

Division II

The lower division has been very predictable and we see one team dominating, while the ones who follow are still fighting for their respective place on the table.

Polaris Esports Vs Army Geniuses

Polaris are dominating the DPC league and their clash with Army Geniuses was likewise. The first match had a scoreline of 35-23 in Polaris’ favor. In the second game, Army Geniuses couldn’t do much with their hero choices and ended up losing 31-22 in 38 minutes.

Lilgun Vs Ragdoll

Lilgun claimed the first match after a 23-minute clash between the two teams. However, the second match saw Ragdoll bouncing back strongly and winning a one-sided match by a score of 20-8 in 27 minutes. Carrying on with the positive momentum from their second encounter, Ragdoll finished the third game with a win. It was a 40-minute match with a score of 36-21 in Ragdoll’s favor.

496 Vs Talon Esports

Talon had a decent series against 496, where they won the first match with a scoreline of 12-24 in under 28 minutes. The second match was a long one, with Talon having an early advantage in the game. 496 struggled in the match and couldn’t recover their net worth. Talon finished the game 46-21 and won the series 2-0.

Army Geniuses Vs InterActive Philippines

InterActive Philippines played brilliantly in their first match against Army Geniuses. Unable to stop IAP’s Anti Mage and Ember Spirit, AG lost 37-28 in 37 minutes. The second game was a huge contrast to the first one. AG put the gears in to stomp with their Queen Of Pain and Phantom Assassin. The second game finished with a score of 13-48 in AG’s favor. The last match was a stomp by Army Geniuses after they gained a lot of confidence from the second game. Finishing 14-46 in 38 minutes, we saw an end to the series.

Nigma Galaxy SEA Vs Ragdoll

Nigma Galaxy SEA are on fire in the current tour of DPC. Both their matches were long one. Nigma beat Ragdoll 24-23 in 50 minutes in the first game and 24-29 in the second match, which was also similarly long.

Lilgun Vs Talon Esports

Lilgun won the first match with a score of 32-27. The match was about 43 minutes long with Talon dominating most of the early to mid game. It was only because of overextension during pushes and fights when Talon lost their lead and gave way for Lilgun to come back into the game. Gaining confidence from the first win, Lilgun continued their momentum in the second game. This time Lilgun were in the lead from the start and never really gave away space for Talon to come back. It looked like Talon had some change in the last fight, but Lilgun won with a score of 48-40 in a 52-minute long game.

Nigma Galaxy SEA Vs Polaris Esports

Nigma Galaxy took the first match 30-35 in 46 minutes. Even though Polaris had their Razor getting kills, they couldn’t turn the game. The second match went in Polaris’ favor with a score of 36-25. Owning with Ember Spirit, Polaris also took the last match in the bag. The score read 41-20, and the match lasted around 45 minutes.

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