Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 4 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 4 Results

Last week’s action and results.

After week 3 matches, the fourth week saw BOOM Esports dominate again. However, the other teams were also entertaining to watch as we got back into the action with the games up and running. We will see the results from Division I and II briefly.

Division I

Week 4 games from the top division of Southeast Asia.

T1 Vs Neon Esports

Although Neon managed to win the series of games, T1 gave a good fight and the matches were fun to watch. The first match was heavily in favor of T1 who completely dominated the game from start to finish. With very little hope, Neon called “GG” around 24 minutes into the game. The second game saw a turnaround from Neon, where they won the match in approx 42 minutes. T1 failed to come back in the last game and the result was similar to the second one.

Team SMG Vs Execration

SMG held their own against Execration with the latter conceding both games. The first game was a 23-minute one-sided match, where Execration got out-drafted and failed to make good decisions early in the game. The second match saw a slightly better performance from Execration. However, SMG controlled the game well and won the series 2-0.

Fnatic Vs Motivate.Trust Gaming

The first game between these two was back and forth in terms of momentum. However, it was MG.Trust who came on top with a 28-38 scoreline. The second game saw a nice comeback from Fnatic, where Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto dominated on his Wraith King. The last game had Fnatic written all over it and ended in a 28-16 scoreline in their favor. Fnatic won 2-1 against Motivate.Trust Gaming.

TNC Predator Vs BOOM Esports

TNC are struggling hard in the DPC and they got matched against an in-form BOOM side. They gave a decent fight against the league topper, but lost both the games. None of the matches were one-sided, which shows how much effort TNC had put in.

T1 Vs Motivate.Trust Gaming

The last series saw some cracking action between these two. T1’s Carlo “Kuku” Palad dominated on his Doom and so did Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon with Phantom Assassin. After losing the match 15-42, MG.Trust came back strong in the second game, which had a relatively low scoreline of 26-13 in Trust Gaming’s favor. T1 snatched the last match, winning it on a tied scoreline of 21-21.

Division II

We see Nigma Galaxy, Polaris Esports and Ragdoll tied on the first spot in week 4 of DPC.

Nigma Galaxy Vs Army Geniuses

Nigma had some inconsistencies in the first series, but came on top, winning 2-1. The first match went 24-31 in Nigma’s favor. However, Army Geniuses turned things around to claim a very comfortable win with a 10-28 scoreline. The last match was very tough on AG as they played well, but couldn’t deal with Nigma’s Phantom Assassin.

Ragdoll Vs Talon Esports

Talon lost 2-0 against Ragdoll. The first 40-minute long match saw Ragdoll’s Medusa taking full control of the mid to late game, and Talon couldn’t find a way to kill her. The second game was an absolute disaster for Talon and probably one of their poorest performances. With a score of 29-3, Ragdoll controlled the game and Talon looked clueless.

496 Vs Lilgun

Dominating the first match with Mars and Kunkka, 496 won 33-56 in under 50 minutes. The second match also went in their favor with Leshrac dictating the pace of the match and Phantom Lancer finishing it off. 496 swept Lilgun 2-0.

Talon Esports Vs InterActive Philippines

After a cruel defeat against Ragdoll, Talon needed a morale booster, and that is what they got against IAP. Finishing the first game 9-47 in their favor, Talon dominated the match. The second game was no different, with IAP losing 55-14. IAP are yet to win a single match with two weeks left in the conclusion of DPC.

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