Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I and Division II Week 2 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I and Division II Week 2 Results

Let’s take a brief look at some of the most interesting matches that took place during the week in SEA.

SEA is a region in Dota 2 that often gets a lot of attention because the teams tend to pick innovative and unconventional heroes a little outside of the meta. After the roster changes post-TI 9, most of the top teams are also evenly matched, which makes every encounter even more special.

There were several clashes that were worth watching in Division I and Division II, which is why it is time to go through them. There are two more weeks to go, so every win/loss matters.

Division I

With some of the top teams in the region competing, our Division I was full of highlights this week. We take a look at what happened.

Fnatic vs TNC

We had an absolutely fantastic first series of the week between two of the best SEA teams in the last couple of years. The El Classico of Southeast Asia is always a joy to watch, and this series was not an exception.

What’s really interesting was that both teams had a similar draft on both games. There were some minor changes, but Fnatic and TNC followed the same tactic. Sadly, the result was not in favor of TNC because Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios and his teammates quickly won both games.

The first map was more intense because TNC had the lead early on. Sadly, their late-game lineup could not utilize its potential, and the game went in favor of Fnatic. After winning Game 1, the SEA powerhouse got a similar draft and won the second clash between the two squads.

Execration vs OB.Neon

OB.Neon was thought to be one of the hidden favorites, but it seems like the team can’t compete with the best yet. Despite winning the first game against Execration, Tri Daya “Mamang Daya” Pamungkas and everyone else lost the series.

Following the victory, OB.Neon decided to change their lineup, but it didn’t go in their favor. Game 2 was heavily one-sided because Execration got the lead early on. Their opponents relied on Ember Spirit and Luna, but neither was able to cope with the aggression.

The third game of the series was even worse for OB.Neon because Execration picked Luna for themselves. The combination of Bloodlust and tons of physical damage allowed the team to easily push their enemies and secure a significant victory.

T1 vs Team SMG

This was one of the fights that people expected to see. Team SMG consists of several world-class players, but it was not able to defeat T1, which is one of the two teams in the region that is yet to taste a defeat.

Both games looked like a walk in the park for Karl “Karl” Matthew Baldovino and everyone. Team SMG was not able to find a way to overcome T1’s powerful picks. As a result, they lost both maps in around 30-minutes.

Fnatic vs BOOM

BOOM Esports seems like the big favorite in Division I because it managed to beat yet another big name. After their impressive victory last week, this time, the team was able to defeat Fnatic. What’s even more impressive is that BOOM Esports absolutely dominated their opponents in Game 1; which is something you don’t see every day.

After the heavy loss, Fnatic had to step up their game, which is why they’ve picked Storm Spirit, as well as PA + Magnus. This ìs one of the most dangerous lineups in the current meta, but even this was not enough to secure them the victory. BOOM’s TA + Luna picked did too much damage, even for the empowered Storm and PA. As a result, after 50-minutes of high-quality Dota action, BOOM took the victory.

Team SMG vs Motivate.Trust Gaming

The last series of Division I was between Team SMG and Motivate.Trust Gaming.  Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng and the other team members of SMG had to win after their loss earlier this week, so they looked really motivated. Fortunately for them, they had little to no trouble ripping through the competition.

Game 1 and 2 were one-sided, which is why they lasted around 30-minutes. SMG was the better team and definitely deserved the victory in the series.

Division II

Following the surprising results and high-quality matches in Division I, it was time to check the second one.

496 vs Polaris

Division II started with a series that many people expected to see. Polaris Gaming is undoubtedly one of the favorites, but it had the uneasy task of going up against 496. Fortunately, luck was on their side because the team from the Philippines managed to win.

The first game was easy, but the second one nearly reached one hour. Like any long Dota 2 map, there were loads of fights and interesting moments, but in the end, Polaris delivered its knockout punch.

Ragdoll vs InterActive Philippines

Ragdoll seems to be one of the hidden surprises in Division II because the team continues to impress with its skills. After winning agast one of the big names last week, it did the same against InterActive Philippines. What’s even more surprising is that the team made a full comeback after losing Game 1.

The second game of the series lasted only 24-minutes; mainly because of Spirit Breaker. This hero is becoming more and more popular in the current meta because it allows the team to secure easy kills.

Game 3 was also one-sided because Ragdoll picked QoP and SB yet again. IAP was more prepared this time, but the roster was unable to handle the pressure and secure enough time for its Phantom Lancer.

Nigma Galaxy SEA vs Talon Esports

Nigma Galaxy is undoubtedly the favorite in SEA Division II, and they proved yet again that they would most likely go to Division I. Game 1 went in favor of the newly-created team, but the second one didn’t go well. Talon Esports had a strong team fight lineup and didn’t allow Nigma Galaxy SEA to utilize its potential.

The third game was one hour long and full of intense moments that didn’t allow us to guess which team would win. In the end, Wilson “poloson” Koh Chin Wei and his fellas did the impossible and secured the victory.

Polaris Esports vs Lilgun

Polaris Esports continues to dominate Division II after yet another win, but this time, it was against Lilgun. The latter won the second game of the series, thanks to Spirit Breaker, but the squad couldn’t do the same in Game 3. Although the team had a better draft, Enigma was too strong and allowed Polaris Esports to take the series and a second victory for the week.

Arm Geniuses vs Talon Esports

The last series was the fourth three-game deathmatch of the week that went in favor of Talon Esports. After winning the first game, Damien “kpii” Chok and everyone else from the team picked a very greedy lineup that needed a lot of time to come online. Needless to say, Arm Geniuses didn’t let that happen and secured the win.

The good news for kpii and the rest is that they picked a more solid draft in the third game of the series. Invoker and Anti-Mage didn’t allow AG to use their draft as they wanted, which allowed Talon Esports to win.

Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I and Division II Week 2 Results
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