Dota 2: 2022 DPC North America Division I and Division II Week 1 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC North America Division I and Division II Week 1 Results

We take a a closer look at the results in North America during the first week of the DPC.

NA is one of the strongest regions in Dota 2 because it is home to numerous legendary teams. Most of them are placed in Division I, where they have to fight until the best teams go to The International 11. Needless to say, there were loads of intriguing matches, so let’s go over some of them.

Division I

Quincy Crew  vs simply TOOBASED

Quincy crew is probably one of the most consistent teams in NA because it is a part of most big tournaments around the world. Yawar “YawaR” Hassan and the other team members have proven numerous times they have what it takes to be among the best. That’s why no one was surprised by the fact that QC won against simply TOOBASED.

Game one lasted around 30 minutes, whereas the second one lasted just 26 minutes. We saw some pretty cool heroes from QC in both games as they had little to no trouble defeating their opponents.

Team Undying vs Wildcard Gaming

WG is one of the teams that managed to earn its spot in Division I after achieving fairly good results last DPC. However, it seems like the team has some work to do before it can compete against the best. Despite not being the heavy favorites in Division I, Team Undying didn’t give its opponents any chances of winning.

Thanks to Storm Spirit and Ember Spirit, Team Undying needed just 25 minutes in both games to win the series. This was a significant victory for them because they are yet to face some of the best teams in this division, such as EG.

4 Zoomers vs Black N Yellow

4 Zoomers is definitely one of the more interesting teams in the region because it has several good players. One of them is Guilherme Silva “Costabile” Costábile, the Brazillia superstar who decided to switch from South America to North America.

Black N Yellow also has a promising roster, but it seems like it was unable to live up to its potential. We had the chance to watch three amazing games where we saw tons of back-and-forth action. BNY won the first encounter, but 4 Zoomers was able to bounce back and won the second and third games.

Evil Geniuses vs ArkoshGaming

Evil Geniuses is definitely the best team in North America, and it proved it countless times. Besides the win at TI 5, EG is always among the best teams globally, regardless of the tournament they compete in. Needless to say, this automatically makes them one of the favorites in Division I.

Despite the severe roster changes after TI 10, EG’s new roster was able to secure a victory against Arkosh Gaming. Game one was more interesting than we expected because Arkosh had a good start to the game. As a result, it took EG a little over 40 minutes to win the game and get the lead in the series.

The second game was more one-sided because Artour “Arteezy” Babaev did not allow Arkosh Gaming to do anything. EG took the lead early on and kept it until the end, forcing the enemy to call GG just 23 minutes after the game started.

Quincy Crew vs 4 Zoomers

After winning their first encounters, QC and 4 Zoomers had to decide which team would take the first spot in Divison I. We got to see three epic games with loads of action but in the end, Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann and his team members succeeded after taking the series.

The first game went in their favor because they decided to pick a Drow Ranger strat. Needless to say, this combo is notorious for its pushing capabilities, and it worked really well. The second game went in favor of 4 Zoomers, who picked a Medusa and dominated the laning stage. There was no point in fighting against this lineup, so QC decided to prepare themselves for game three.

The final game of the series started well for David “Moo” Hull and co, but QC had the better draft and won the series.

Division II

Down in Division II there was plenty of interesting moments to be had too. Here's a snapshot.

5ManMidas vs felt

Felt is a really interesting team because only one of its players is from NA. Despite that, the team decided to compete in this region, and sadly, it was unable to overcome its first challenge, which was 5ManMidas. Despite equalizing the series after losing game one, felt lost the deciding game after a dominant performance from Mario “LittleBoy” Romero.

Team Magnus vs Electronic Boys

The second series in NA’s Division II was yet another three-game deathmatch where we had the chance to watch a lot of cool heroes. The first and second games were one-sided, but the third one was really interesting. Both teams decided to get some of their most comfortable heroes in order to counter their opponents. Although EB had a lot of chances of winning, 5ManMidas and their Draw Ranger didn’t allow them to utilize their potential.

KBU.US vs Team DogChamp

Unlike every other series in Division II, this one finished with a clean victory for KBU.US. Despite a few hiccups here and there, the team dominated the series and had the better draft in both games. It will be interesting to see whether KBU.US will be able to show the same dominant performance in their next couple of match ups.


The Cut is one of the better-known Division II teams, so people expected them to win against one of the newcomers. Although it wasn’t easy, David “dnm” Cossio showed his prowess once again and helped his team succeed. The third game between the two was epic, and it lasted almost an hour. 5RATSFORCESTAFF had a few opportunities to win, but they were unable to survive against the deadly attacks from The Cut.

Team Magnus vs felt

Game One between the two was fun to watch, but felt had the lead and managed to keep it until the end. However, the second game between the two was an absolute blast because it lasted for over an hour. In fact, it is the longest game in the DPC so far, and as with any long Dota 2 game, it was full of action. In the end, it went in favor of Team Magnus, which pushed the series into a final Game Three.

Despite losing a game that was more than one hour long, felt was able to win the third map and the series. Game Three lasted for 37 minutes, which was enough for felt’s Medusa to get enough items.

Dota 2: 2022 DPC North America Division I and Division II Week 1 Results
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