Dota 2: 2022 DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 6 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 6 Results

DPC Week 6 games and tiebreaker results for the NA region.

The North American DPC region has been one of the most predictable ones in the current DPC tour. The last week saw Quincy Crew lead and Team Undying beating EG to hold the second spot. EG sits in third place. Division II of DPC NA has The Cut on top with Team DogChamp and KBU.US in second and third position. Let’s have a closer look at the results.

Division I

The last of the NA action from the upper bracket of competition.

4 Zoomers Vs Wildcard Gaming


4 Zoomers took the first match with a score of 24-35 in 48 minutes. The second match was also straightforward for 4 Zoomers with their Void Spirit controlling the tempo of the match. The score was 32-10 in a 30-minute game.

Arkosh Gaming Vs Team Undying


Team Undying registered a smashing victory against Arkosh in the first match. With the score 39-19, the match finished in about 28 minutes. The second match was a rather long one, but Undying took the win with a Divine Rapier on Gyrocopter. The score read 32-50 in 41 minutes.

Evil Geniuses Vs Quincy Crew


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EG quickly got the advantage in the first match with a better draft than Quincy. The initial lead in net worth made it easier for EG to win 16-40 under 40 minutes.
Quincy Crew took the lead in the second match. However, they made some poor decisions and couldn’t keep it. After 50 minutes, QC struggled to go against EG, now that the latter side was more farmed. QC lost 27-34 to EG.

Division I Tiebreakers

Evil Geniuses Vs Team Undying


EG went against Undying for the second place tiebreakers. The first match saw both teams going in hard in the early minutes, but it was Team Undying who took the lead. EG couldn’t come back in the match and lost 16-29 in 34 minutes. Both teams had a quiet start in the second match. However, Undying took the advantage in their hands. Evil Geniuses tried hard to come back in the game and they were doing a lot better than the first match. However, Undying were solid and won the match 34-16.

4 Zoomers Vs Wildcard Gaming


The tiebreakers for the fourth place saw 4Zoomers playing well against Wildcard Gaming. The first match was neck to neck in the early game. However, Zoomers quickly turned the moment and got a significant net worth advantage. The Zoomers won 17-37 in about 36 minutes. It was only after 20 minutes that Wildcard started wavering from their path in the second match. Once 4 Zoomers took the advantage, it was difficult for the opposition to come back. Wildcard lost 34-14 in 35 minutes.

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Division II

Electronic Boys Vs 5ManMidas


The game between 5ManMidas and Electronic Boys went in the former’s favor. With Death Prophet, Ember Spirit and Gyrocopter,  5MM scored 19-30 in 33 minutes. The second match also went in 5MM’s way with a score of 39-32 in 40 minutes.

Team Magnus Vs The Cut


Although struggling in the league, Team Magnus played well to beat the league leaders in the first match. They scored 26-41 in 42 minutes. The second match was also very close, but The Cut scored 35-32 to get a win. The last match was also in The Cut’s favor with a score of 34-28 in 36 minutes.



Team DogChamp won 2-0 against 5RATFORCESTAFF. The first match was a long one with a score of 44-40. Even though 5RFS had their Faceless Void playing well, DogChamp had a good draft with both Queen Of Pain and Wraith King farmed. DogChamp stomped 5RFS in the second game with a score of 16-43 in 36 minutes.

Division II Tiebreaker

KBU.US Vs Team DogChamp

The 2nd-3rd place tie breakers Team DogChamp take the series win. The first match was 34 minutes long with a score of 22-33. DogChamp’s Wraith King and Queen Of Pain got most of the kills. Although KBU.US lost, their Gyrocopter had a good game with ample farm and kills. The second match was only 25 minutes long since DogChamp dominated the fights and won 23-12.

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