Dota 2: 2022 DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 5 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 5 Results

Week 5 results from the North American DPC.

The DPC matches in North America have been predictable and the fifth week had similar results. Quincy Crew are the best team currently with Evil Geniuses and Team Undying fighting for the second spot. Division II has The Cut leading the table with zero losses, while KBU are second followed by 5RATFORCESTAFF on third.

Division I

All the action from week 5, Division I

Quincy Crew Vs Black N Yellow

The first match saw Black N Yellow take an early lead with their Timbersaw lineup. QC couldn’t do much against the opponent picks and lost the first match 13-35. The second game was completely different, with QC dominating BNY into a 9-24 loss. The last match also went in Quincy Crew’s way and ended with a score of 27-14 in 30 minutes.

Evil Geniuses Vs Team Undying

EG performed very well against Undying who have been in excellent form themselves. The first match went 15-32 in EG’s favor with Artour “Arteezy” Babaev playing Naga Siren and Abed Azel L. Yusop owning with Queen Of Pain. The second match finished with a score of 29-40 in EG’s favor. It was a long match stretching 40 minutes and was certainly more challenging than the first one between these two.

simply TOOBASED Vs Wildcard Gaming

Wildcard Gaming took the first match in a stomp with a score of 7-38. simply TOOBASED failed to do anything in the game. The second match was under 35 minutes with a score of 35-21 in favor of Wildcard Gaming.

4 Zoomers Vs Arkosh Gaming

4 Zoomers won the first match with a score of 17-36 in just over 30 minutes. They owned the game with Invoker and Gyrocopter. The second game was long, with a score 29-41 in favor of 4 Zoomers. The winners picked mid Slark and Terrorblade carry, which was a peculiar lineup, but worked wonders against Arkosh.

Black N Yellow Vs simply TOOBASED

simply TOOBASED swept Black N Yellow with a score of 32-5 in the first match. Getting heavily countered, BNY posed no real threat to the opposing team. Off the back of such a massive victory, simply TOOBASED took the second game as well. The match had a score of 27-14 in their favor.

Division II

We break down everything that happened in week 5 of our lower bracket.


5RATFORCESTAFF have had a decent DPC tour and their first match against felt was similar. They got a comfortable win with a 34-6 scoreline. However, things turned around in the next match and felt came back strong. With their Templar Assassin owning, the team won 29-39 in 41 minutes. The deciding match also went felt’s way after picking a rather peculiar draft. The score was 34-33 in a close match, which lasted about 45 minutes.

Electronic Boys Vs KBU.US

KBU.US took the first match with a score of 40-26 in 36 minutes. Both Storm Spirit and Luna were doing great for the team in the opening game. Electronic Boys got a win in the second match. Scoring 35-23, they made the series a little more interesting. However, KBU didn’t let the loss affect them too much. They took the third match with 19-30 on the board. Beastmaster was a key hero for KBU in the last match.

Team Magnus Vs 5ManMidas

Magnus struggled to get advantage against 5MM with the first match going in favor of the latter. However, it was a close game, and the score was 45-46 in just under 45 minutes. 5ManMidas won the second match as well, but it was not a straightforward game. Team Magnus had some great picks too, but sadly couldn’t execute the match as they would have liked. The score of the last match was 29-24.

Team DogChamp Vs The Cut

The Cut are playing brilliantly in the second division and their first match against DogChamp is a good example of the same. Establishing an early lead in the match, The Cut controlled the game beautifully and got a 30-11 victory. The second match saw DogChamp pop off with their Bloodseeker who scored a whopping 17-1 on the board, making the total 18-34 in their favor. The Cut won the last game with a score of 39-20 in about 45 minutes. They won the series 2-1.

KBU.US Vs felt

In a close first match, KBU won 34-35 with their Storm Spirit and Gyrocopter getting the most kills. The second game also went in KBU’s way. However, felt tried hard to win it too. The score was 38-30 in 40 minutes.

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