Dota 2: 2022 DPC Eastern Europe Division I and Division II Week 3 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC Eastern Europe Division I and Division II Week 3 Results

We break down what took place in Eastern Europe this week. The next set of DPC matches will take place in January of 2022.

Eastern Europe has become of the most popular regions in Dota 2 following Team Spirit’s TI 10 journey. As a result, people from different parts of the world pay attention to the different matches every week.

The third week in Division I and Division II were fun to watch, although there were no surprising results, with the exception of Virtus.Pro. As expected, the big names in the region secluded their victories, so let’s skim through each game and see what happened.

Division I

Let’s go over some of the fun things that happened in Division I.

HellRaisers vs AS Monaco Gambit

It seems like HellRaisers’ new roster is doing really well because the team managed to secure yet another victory. This time, they had to overcome none other than AS Monaco Gambit, one of the hidden favorites in Division I.

Game and game two both lasted around 42 minutes, which means we got to see a classic Dota 2 match. The teams picked totally different drafts each game, but HR was just one step ahead of their opponents. This allowed them to secure the victory in the series.

Virtus.Pro vs Unique

Virtus.Pro has always been a force to be reckoned with, and they’ve proven it yet again. In their first series of the week, the CIS powerhouse had to go up against Team Unique. Sadly, Rostislav “fn” Lozovoi and the other players are not in their best form yet, which is why they are last in their group. In other words, it wasn’t difficult for VP to win both games, even though the second one was not as easy as it seemed.

Both teams had chances of winning, but VP’s roster that utilized QoP and Clinkz was definitely more dangerous. Needless to say, the CIS powerhouse won an important team fight and gained a significant advantage over its opponents. This helped them secure a significant advantage and ultimately win the game.

Team Spirit vs Team Empire

Team Spirit continues to impress the world by dominating everything that shows up. After defeating OG at Dota Pit, TI 10 winners had to go up a big name in CIS – Team Empire. Even though people expected this series to be more even, Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk and his teammates have shown everyone that they are better.

Game one was more interesting because TE had a couple of great ganks. However, the second game of the series was one-sided. Team Spirit’s superstars ripped through their opponents and secured themselves yet another victory in Division I.

Natus Vincere vs Team Unique

Team Unique was close to securing its first victory on the group stage, but it failed to defeat Natus Vincere.  Although the first game of the series went in their favorite, TI 1 champions did the impossible and won game two and game three.

The second game of the series was just 31 minutes because Na’Vi simply outplayed its opponents. Almost the same happened in the third game of the series, but this time, Team Unique had its chances. Sadly, Luna was unable to defeat the powerful Phantom Lancer, who was able to carry his team to victory.

Virtus.Pro vs PuckChamp

The last series in Division I was the most surprising one because of PuckChamp. This team continues to impress fans around the world after another dominant victory. This time, the roster had to go up against VP, who are one of the favorites.

Game one was like a walk in the park for Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin and his teammates because they needed just 30 minutes to win. Everyone thought that the same would happen in games two and three, but PC proved them wrong.

VP tried to use Queen of Pain in both games, but even the dominant mid laner was unable to help the roster succeed. PuckChamp’s Kunkka played an essential role for the team in both games and helped it secure a significant victory.

Division II

With Division I wrapped until January, let's take a look at how the lower bracket is faring.

CIS-R vs V-Gaming

The first and definitely the most interesting series of the week in Division II was between CIS-Rejects and V-Gaming. As you know, Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev and the other legends from this region decided to create he team called CIS Rejects. Needless to say, they had little to no problems against their opponents before facing V-Gaming.

The first game went in favor of V-Gaming, whereas Ramzess and co won the second one. However, it wasn’t easy because V-Gaming played really well. The team was really confident in their skills, which is helped it secure the victory in the third game of the series. The IO and Luna combo proved to be too strong, even for the mighty CIS-R.

Winstrike Team vs Nemiga Gaming

Winstrike and Nemiga are in a similar position in Division II, so the clash between them was interesting to watch. Most people expected Winstrike to win, but Nemigma delivered its knock-out punch. It definitely wasn’t easy because we saw a three-game thriller, but in the end, Aleksey “Ainkrad” Diveevskiy and his fellas secured the victory in the series.

Fantastic 5 vs CIS-Rejects

It seems like CIS-R’s loss had a positive effect on the roster because it had no problems against Fantastic Five. Both games were interesting, and it seemed like the teams were evenly matched. However, CIS-Rejects had the lead since the laning stage. This allowed the squad to snowball and eventually won the game.

V-Gaming vs HYDRA

V-Gaming seems on fire after winning against the biggest favorites in the group. As a result, we weren’t surprised it was able to defeat Hydra. The first game was easy because V-Gaming needed just 30 minutes to win.

HYDRA didn’t give up in game two despite the fast loss, so we had the chance to watch an epic fight that lasted for over one hour. Both teams were prepared for the late game, but V-Gaming’s Terrrorblade was definitely stronger. The hero did tons of damage in each team fight and played a vital role for his team.

Nemiga vs B8

After Nemiga’s first victory of the week, the team did the same in its second game against B8. Danil “Dendi” Ishutin’s squad has problems yet again, so we will probably see several roster changes soon. Although it had good drafts, Nemiga was the better team out of the two and deserved its victory.

Dota 2: 2022 DPC Eastern Europe Division I and Division II Week 3 Results
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