Dota 2: 2022 DPC Eastern Europe Division I and Division II Week 2 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC Eastern Europe Division I and Division II Week 2 Results

Let’s check out the most recent results in Eastern Europe.

The Eastern European DPC is fun to watch because most of the top teams are evenly matched. Of course, Team Spirit shines the most because it won TI 10, and many people consider it to be the best in the world. However, this doesn’t mean Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk and his teammates are invincible.

We had the chance to watch a couple of intriguing matches, so here are some of them and why we’ve liked them so much.

Division I

Like every other region, Division I in EEU was a joy to watch. Some results surprised us, whereas others were expected.

Natus Vincere vs Team Empire

Na`Vi is one of the fan-favorite Dota 2 teams, trying constantly to prove it's among the best. Even though the days when the CIS squad was the best in the world are long gone, it definitely has what it takes to be the best in the region. Despite losing the first game of the week, Natus Vincere managed to win their second match.

Team Empire has many potentials, and it showed its prowess in game one against Na`Vi. We saw a game that was almost one hour long, and in the end, TE won and gained the lead in the series.

Sadly, the lead was short-lived because Natus Vincere managed to bounce back in the second game. Although it took them a little over-40 minutes, Viktor “GeneRaL” Nigrini and the rest won and advanced to game three.

Thanks to the momentum on their side, Na`Vi crushed Team Empire in the third game after just 26`minutes. Ember Spirit and Phantom Lancer had a solid start, and they didn’t allow Empire’s cores to shine.

Team Spirit vs PuckChamp

PuckChamp are one of the teams in Eastern Europe that delivered the big surprise last week after securing two victories. This gave it the lead in Division 1. Sadly, it was short-lived because the squad had to face none other than Team Spirit, TI 10 winners.

As expected, Yatoro and his teammates had little to no trouble in both games of the series. The first one was heavily one-sided because TS’s draft didn’t allow PC to utilize their draft’s potential.

Game two was definitely the more compelling; because PC had the chance to win. After losing the first game, Nikita “young G” Bochko and the rest decided to pick Medusa and hope that they would win the late game. Of course, a team of Spirit’s caliber knows how to deal with these types of heroes. Although it wasn’t easy, TI champions managed to win and secured themselves a second victory in Division I.

HellRaisers vs Unique

HellRaisers is another intriguing Dota 2 team known for changing its roster several times. After securing a victory against Virtus.Pro last week, it seems like HR finally found the formula for success. This week, they had the uneasy task of facing Team Unique, but it seems like luck was on their side.

HR had little to no trouble against their opponents and got a second victory in Division I. This puts will allow them to compete for one of the first places.

Team Empire vs PuckChamp

This is a series that was highly anticipated because Team Empire had to win if they wanted to keep their chances alive. Needless to say, this won’t be easy because they had to face PuckChamp, a team that has proven to be quite dangerous.

After three games that lasted over 50 minutes each, PC was able to steal the victor from Team Empire. Despite losing game one, Abdimalik “Malik” Sailau and co. won two games in a row and guaranteed themselves the victory in the series.

Virtus.Pro vs AS Monaco Gambit

The last series of the week features VP and As Monaco Gambit, two of the strongest teams in the region. Although it wasn’t like a walk in the park, VP managed to win after losing the first series last week.

Game one started well for Danil “gpk” Skutin and his teammates, but ASM Gambit’s Axe managed to turn things around. Despite losing game one, VP did not allow their opponents any chances of succeeding in game two. After just 21 minutes, VP forced their opponents to use the GG call and pushed the series into a game three.

Game three was more intense, but unlike in the first one, VP didn’t let it slip. Their Razor played a key role for the team and gave VP the first victory in Division I.

Division II

The CIS Division II is definitely one of the most interesting ones yet, and for a reason. Most teams are equally matched, making the games almost impossible to predict.

Nemiga Gaming vs Hydra

Nemiga Gaming and Hydra are two of the more interesting teams in Division II, so the clash between them was highly anticipated. Although most people expected Nemiga to win, Hydra was the one that secured the victory.

The first game of the series went in favor of Nemiga, but the other two were not even close. HYDRA had a better draft in both and didn’t allow their opponents to utilize their tactics.

Gambit vs V-Gaming

V-Gaming is an interesting Dota 2 team with potential, but it seems like they are just not as good as Gambit. The first game between the two was more even because we V-Gaming’s draft allowed them to participate in loads of team fights. Unfortunately, they did not have the firepower to bring down Gambit and allowed them to take the lead.

The second game of the series was easier for Alexey “Smiling Knight” Sviridov and his teammates because they had a way better draft. The latter allowed them to secure a lot of kills early on.

Winstrike vs Fantastic Five

Winstrike is the next team that managed to successfully defeat its opponent – Fantastic Five. This was a series where everything was possible because both teams are evenly matched.

F5 tried to experiment with a pretty cool draft that included the infamous Storm Spirit and IO combo. Аlthough it worked up to a point, it was not enough to bring down the mighty Winstrike, who decided to pick a classic lineup with WK and Invoker.

Game Two was as exciting as the first one, but this time, Winstrike and full control. Hence, it took them just a little over 30 minutes to win and secure themselves the first victory in the event.


Unfortunately for Danil “Dendi” Ishutin and his teammates, B8 was unable to defeat HYDRA, despite being the favorites. It seems like this CIS squad needs some work again because it lost both games.

B8 tried to use Magnus in different lineups, but they weren’t able to make him work. It seems like Dendi has to come up with new tactics if he wants to win against the best teams in Division II.

Fantastic Five vs Gambit Esport

The last series of the week in Division II was between Fantastic Five and Nemiga Gaming. As expected, both teams gave it all out, but in the end, F5 managed to snatch the victory. The first game in the series lasted almost an hour, but it went in favor of F5 because they had Medusa. Needless to say, this is one of the hardest carries in Dota 2.

Gambit tried an interesting pick in Dota 2, but even SK and Wraith King were not enough to bring down F5. Following the defeat, Gambit occupies third place in Division II.

Dota 2: 2022 DPC Eastern Europe Division I and Division II Week 2 Results
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