Dota 2: 2022 DPC China Division I Week 3 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC China Division I Week 3 Results

The week 3 DPC matches were predictable, yet exciting to watch.

The last week of DPC saw PSG.LGD lead the table with an unbeaten record. Team Aster came in second position after winning against Royal Never Give Up who sit comfortably in third place of the DPC table. Although EHOME looked strong, they struggled against big teams. Here are the results from week 6 DPC games:


EHOME against LBZS was a one-sided show. The first match saw LBZS struggle hard to find any breathing space. They couldn’t do so, losing 6-18 in 28 minutes. The second match was better, but the result was EHOME’s series victory with a score of 17-39 in their favor.

Team Aster Vs Phoenix Gaming

Despite Phoenix Gaming’s struggles in the league, their first match was decent. We saw Aster going with a weird build on their Spirit Breaker with Null Talismans. However, Aster won the match 21-29 in 36 minutes. The second match was one-sided with Aster dominating Phoenix. The score was 24-6 in a 17-minute match.


EHOME and LGD went neck to neck in the first match. It was not clear who was winning until the 30-minute mark. EHOME slowly started leading and continued to build over it. The first match ended with a 21-28 score in EHOME’s favor. LGD took the second game with a score of 36-27. The match was about 54 minutes long with LGD trying to stay in the game against EHOME’s Morphling. As the game progressed, LGD took better control of their situation. Even though EHOME were ahead in score, LGD won 36-27. The last match saw LGD winning with a score of 36-16 in 37 minutes.

Vici Gaming Vs Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up dominated VG in the first match. Their winning scoreline was 24-9 in 37 minutes. The second game saw Vici play a little better, but it wasn't enough to stop a decently farmed RNG. The game ended with a score of 20-12 in RNG’s favor.

Invictus Gaming Vs Team Aster

Team Aster claimed a comfortable victory in the first match against iG. Doing well on Anti Mage and Queen Of Pain, Aster won 16-30 in about 41 minutes. The second game had iG do well in the mid lane, but the other lanes suffered. Aster’s Terrorblade got farmed, and it was difficult to stop their lineup, which had control, damage and a good front line hero like Mars. Aster won 33-15 in 42 minutes.

Vici Gaming Vs Phoenix Gaming

The first match between these two was low scoring. Phoenix took the win with a 15-18 score line in under 45 minutes. However, Vici Gaming was able to come back and stomp Phoenix with a 12-30 win. The last match also went VG’s way with a score of 27-34 in 44 minutes.

Team Aster Vs Royal Never Give Up

The first match between these two went in Team Aster’s favor. The score was 19-34 in a 35-minute match. However, RNG turned back to win in style. They dominated with Wraith King, Razor and Pangolier to get a score of 35-16 in a 36-minute match. Aster lost the final match in 28 minutes and RNG got their comfortable 22-16 victory to win the series.

Invictus Gaming Vs PSG.LGD

Invictus Gaming are having a poor season so far and their encounter against LGD was no different. Although LGD lost the first match with a score of 39-33 in 42 minutes, their next two games won them the series. LGD stomped in the second match with a score of 15-30 in 28 minutes. The last match saw LGD win 31-37. They got the net worth advantage and kept the lead to dominate iG towards defeat.

Division I Tiebreakers

Royal Never Give Up Vs Team Aster

Royal Never Give Up won the first match in under 30 minutes. Their team had a super farmed Gyrocopter and Mars who took over the match. The score was 17-7, with Aster doing little to nothing. Team Aster returned the favor in the second game with some outstanding play. Their team had a great draft and executed their decisions beautifully. RNG lost 8-32 in a short 29-minute match. Aster continued their dominance in the last match, where they won 34-43 in an hour long game.

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