Dota 2: 2022 DPC China Division I Week 2 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC China Division I Week 2 Results

All of Week 2's Action from China's Dota Pro Circuit.

After the kick start of games in the first week, the DPC scene in China has some new and exciting matches in the second one. We see PSG.LGD in a good position as league leaders. Both Team Aster and EHOME are clinging to the second and third spot and having a tough fight. Here is a closer look at what’s cooking in the Chinese DPC league.

Team Aster Vs LBZS

Getting an early lead, Aster took over the first match pretty quickly. They won the match with a score of 20-10 in 32 minutes. The second match was a little more challenging for Aster as LBZS played a lot better and their Storm Spirit and Dragon Knight kept everyone on their toes. However, Aster held the game well and turned the momentum with their Terrorblade and Mars. Aster won 2-0 against LBZS.

EHOME Vs Royal Never Give Up

EHOME were on level terms with RNG in the first match. However, as the game went towards the later stages, RNG took a massive lead in the game, but failed to convert it into a win. EHOME took the first game with a 30-31 scoreline. The second game saw a stomp from RNG who gave absolutely no space to EHOME for a comeback. RNG won the match 6-20 in under 30 minutes. The last match was even in the early to mid game. However, some misplays by EHOME cost them the entire momentum and RNG’s Gyrocopter scored a triple rampage to seal the deal. RNG won 26-15 and took the series.

Phoenix Gaming Vs Royal Never Give Up

Struggling to find their feet, Phoenix Gaming had a tough time against Royal Never Give Up. The first match had an enormous difference in scoreline with RNG winning 40-27 in 51 minutes. It was mainly the Storm Spirit and Pangolier who caused massive problems for Phoenix. The second match was over quickly with Phoenix getting little space around the map. The last match was 15-33 in RNG’s favor.

EHOME Vs Team Aster

The first match was even in the opening 20 minutes. However, Aster soon turned it around with some terrible fights from EHOME. The match ended with a score of 24-30 in Aster’s favor. EHOME got wrecked in the second game with most lanes failing to achieve what they wanted in the early game. Aster won the game 25-7 under 25 minutes.


Leading early in the game, LGD quickly turned it in to massive advantage. They won the first match 17-26. The second match was a massive stomp by LGD and LBZS couldn’t do much about it. Owning on Kunkka, Ember and a support Weaver, LGD won the game 37-5 under 28 minutes.

Phoenix Gaming Vs LBZS

Although Phoenix won the first match with a score of 39-43, they failed to win the series. LBZS were great in the second game and won it with a score of 32-19. The last match was much closer, with both teams looking stable. However, it was LBZS who took the match with a score of 33-31 in under 34 minutes.

Invictus Gaming Vs Vici Gaming

Both iG and VG have been poor in the first tour of DPC. However, VG pushed to win 2-0 against iG. The first match was 47 minutes long with VG winning 35-19. The second game was 50-minute long and VG scored 28 kills against 18 of iG. VG’s Void Spirit grabbed most of the kills.

Invictus Gaming Vs LBZS

LBZS won 2-0 against Invictus Gaming. The first match saw iG try hard to get their game plan going. However, the results of fights were not in favor of them. The first match had a score of 15-33, running just over 42 minutes. The second match saw LBZS win with double the kills of iG and the score was 48-24 in an hour long match.

EHOME Vs Vici Gaming

EHOME took the first match. The team played some brilliant dota and won 11-23 in 39 minutes. The second match was where Vici Gaming turned things around. They went with safe lane Weaver and mid Void Spirit who owned the game. VG won 24-46 against EHOME. After a cruel defeat, EHOME bounced back with their own lineup of support Weaver and mid Templar Assassin. They won with a score of 24-36 in 44 minutes.

PSG.LGD Vs Royal Never Give Up

The opening match saw LGD take the lead and carry it forward in the game. They won 14-27 in 31 minutes. The second game was like the grand finals of a big tournament. Both teams tried their best and played some amazing Dota. Although RNG were leading with a massive advantage, LGD made a massive comeback in the last moments of the game. The match ran its course through 80 mins and the score was 51-45 in favor of LGD.

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