Dota 2: 2022 DPC China Division I Week 1 Results

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Dota 2: 2022 DPC China Division I Week 1 Results

Results of all games from Division I of the Dota Pro Circuit China.

China was late to the party, but the region’s first week has been great. We see a lot of potential in many teams as they race to get a better position on the league table. PSG.LGD are leading with EHOME, Royal Never Give Up and Team Aster fighting for the second spot. Let’s have a closer look at what happened during the week.

EHOME Vs Phoenix Gaming

EHOME was quick to sweep Phoenix in a 2-0 win. The first game was a 37-minute torture for Phoenix as they couldnt salvage anything from the match and lost 32-18. The second game was no different with EHOME asserting dominance and winning 40-16.

PSG.LGD Vs Team Aster

PSG.LGD started the first match with delicate plays, but Aster were one step above them. Ember Spirit, Grimstroke and Mars controlled the game beautifully to win 18-50 in 50 minutes. Game two was much shorter, with LGD picking a much better lineup. Dominating with their Luna, LGD secured the second game with a score of 19-22. The last match was a struggle for both as they looked to secure the series. However, in a 54-minute game it was PSG.LGD who came on top, winning by 28-33.

Vici Gaming Vs LBZS

LBZS took the first game 25-27. It was 51 minutes long with LBZS’ Leshrac playing extremely well to secure the game. Vici had rough fixtures on their first day, but they won the second game 29-22 and the last match in a 30-minute one-sided display of Dota.

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PSG.LGD Vs Phoenix Gaming

After getting battered in the first series, Phoenix didn’t have a choice but to face the juggernaut. LGD claimed two clean victories against them. The first game was completely one-sided, with a score of 9-29 in LGD’s favor. The second game was slightly better from Phoenix, but it was not enough to stop LGD from stomping hard. They won 31-15 to claim a 2-0 victory.

Invictus Gaming Vs Royal Never Give Up

IG started with a convincing victory with a scoreline of 23-12 in a 33-minute match. However, Royal Never Give Up were quick to come back and gave a strong reply with a 16-9 stomp under 30 minutes. The last match was also in favor of Royal Never Give Up, but iG were very strong as well. Both teams battled for 57 minutes, but it was Royal Never Give Up who came on top with a score of 36-42.

Invictus Gaming Vs EHOME

The next day IG faced EHOME with a 2-1 loss. The first match was a short 27-minute jolt for iG. They couldn’t do much against EHOME’s lineup and lost 17-26. After game one, iG bounced back strongly and picked an unorthodox lineup to win 22-29. The last match saw EHOME, causing absolute mayhem, beating iG off the perch with a 38-11 score.

Vici Gaming Vs Team Aster

Team Aster blew Vici away with their insane gameplay and consistent form. The first match saw Aster taking control around 20 minutes into the game and gaining significant net worth. Unable to deal with Aster’s lineup, Vici lost 8-17 in 26 minutes. In the second game, Vici got outplayed again and Aster prevailed with their good hero choices. Winning the game 15-28, Aster took over the series.

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Invictus Gaming Vs Phoenix Gaming

After a couple of tough fixtures, iG finally got some confidence after beating struggling Phoenix 2-0. The first game was a stomp where iG won 9-28 in 31 minutes. In the second game we saw Phoenix trying their best, but still losing 12-28 to Invictus Gaming. Their Death Prophet was the most dominating hero in the second match.

Royal Never Give Up Vs LBZS

LBZS played well to grab a series win against a powerful side. Their first match was a loss, with enemy Kunkka running rampant in a 34-16 score match. However, LBZS came back strong in the second match with Death Prophet mid and Queen Of Pain in the safe lane. Winning it by 40-14, the team found some much needed confidence. The last match resulted from the second game’s momentum. LBZS scored 35-23 and won the series 2-1.

PSG.LGD Vs Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming looked shaky, and LGD took a good advantage of it. Even though Vici didn’t play poorly, they failed to finish the games. The first match was equal and low scoring. LGD had a strong draft with farming heroes and late game favoured them more. They won the match 21-25. Game two was a downward slope for Vici and they lost 6-21 to LGD in a 26-minute game.

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