Dota 2: 10 Easy Early Game Builds to Try in August 2022

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Dota 2: 10 Easy Early Game Builds to Try in August 2022

We break down some easy builds for the early game to help you take the win in your next game of Dota 2.

Millions of gamers spend hours online every day to improve their Dota 2 skills. The multiplayer game lets you choose a hero from a robust roster of characters. You can build numerous items and buy inventory that can give you an unprecedented advantage when it comes to facing your opponents in battle. Take a look at these early game builds to try this month in Dota 2. 

10. Hood of Defiance

Pudge uses Hood of Defiance for magic resistance against Viper during early game in Dota 2

Hood of Defiance is an early game inventory that grants its users additional magical resistance and health regeneration. Heroes equipped with the Hood of Defiance get a much-needed 18% resistance against spells and regain 8.5 HP per second. People who have purchased Hood of Defiance during their matches have had a 43.42% win rate in the last month. 

The early game item will cost you 1500 gold, making it easy to farm for support heroes and safe lane players. Barrier, its active ability, can be cast on yourself at any time, and it can absorb up to 350 magical damage for 12 seconds. The mana cost for casting Barrier has been reduced from 75 to 50 in the 7.31 update for Dota 2. 

9. Bracer

Bracer is an item that can enhance your survivability during the first few minutes of the game. It is one of the best items to buy as soon as you spawn. A bracer costs 505 gold and provides 5 strength, 2 agility, and 2 intelligence attributes to heroes. It also increases your HP regeneration rate and your attack damage. The item automatically upgrades to Bracer 2 and doubles its attributes after the 25-minute mark. 

Heroes with less than 600 HP in the game can purchase a Bracer to increase their health. Nukers such as Crystal Maiden, Dazzle, and Keeper of the Light can stand their ground while casting their spells.

8. Wraith Band

Wraith Band can be an exceptional item for agility heroes in the game. Agility heroes get a solid 5 Agility attributes added to their stats after purchasing a Wraith Band. It also increases the attack speed of agility heroes. Drow Ranger, Shadow Fiend, and Mirana are a few top-tier heroes that can use a Wraith Band for farming in their lanes. 

You will need to buy a Circlet (155 gold), Slippers of Agility (140 gold), and a Wraith Band Recipe (210 gold) to complete the item. Many people equip 2 – 3 Wraith Bands on heroes like Troll Warlord and Clinz to give them bonus damage for farming. 

7. Hand of Midas

Pro players of Dota 2 equip Hand of Midas to increase their gold per minute (GPM). The Hand of Midas gives heroes a massive 40 attack speed that can prove to be incredibly resourceful while fighting neutral creeps in the jungle. People who often play in the off-lane can use the Hand of Midas after stacking several neutral creep camps together. 

All you need for Hand of Midas is Gloves of Haste (450 gold) and a recipe (1750 gold). Transmute is an ability that you can use by clicking on the Hand of Midas item in your inventory. You can instantly kill high-level creeps and siege units for 160 gold and double the experience points. 

6. Bottle

Storm Spirit about to bottle a bounty rune during early game in Dota 2

People have used Bottle more than 12.5 million times in the last 30 days in Dota 2. It is a consumable item that restores 110 health and 60 mana for 2.7 seconds. Bottle gets 3 charges that can be restored at the Fountain. You can use the Bottle on your allies to restore their health and mana as well. 

Players who prefer to handle the mid-lane can benefit by carrying a Bottle before the 5-minute mark. All the runes in the game, including bounty, can be stored in the Bottle for later use. Storing a rune will also replenish charges of the Bottle. Storm Spirit, Zeus, and Tinker are strong nukers that can dominate the game early with a Bottle.  

5. Magic Wand

You can get a Magic Wand to surprise your opponents before the game hits the 15-minute mark. The Magic Wand gives its users a balanced set of attributes. It adds 3 strength, 3 agility, and 3 intelligence to your stats. It also increases your health and mana regeneration per second.

It is among the best items to purchase that cost less than 500 gold. Dota 2 fanatics have used the Magic Wand over 46 million times in July 2022. You gain an Energy Charge every time an enemy hero uses an ability within a 1200 radius. These Energy Charges can replenish 15 HP and mana per charge. Using the Magic Wand can save your life when your HP is running low or when you are about to take a fatal blow. 

4. Soul Ring

Soul Ring is an item that can be activated for instant mana. It lets you use the ability Sacrifice to gain 150 mana for 10 seconds. However, you will lose 170 health for the mana that you gain. Make sure the hero you’re using has plenty of HP before using the Soul Ring. 

Earthshaker and Underlord are prime examples of heroes who can turn the tide of battle with the Soul Ring. You can trap enemies with spells like Fissure and Pit of Malice during early game team battles. Unlike a Bottle, a Soul Ring can only be cast on yourself. 

3. Phase Boots 

If you love playing melee heroes in Dota 2, you can consider buying Phase Boots. You can combine Boots of Speed (500 gold), Chainmail (550 gold), and Blades of Attack (450 gold) to get Phase Boots. The early game item grants people 45 movement speed, 4 armor, and additional damage. 

Phase Boots allows melee heroes to gain 18 additional damage while ranged heroes get 12 attack damage. You can also use Phase to get a movement speed boost for 3 seconds. Heroes such as Juggernaut, Ursa, and Lifestealer can chase their opponents between attacks to mutilate them. 

2. Glimmer Cape

You can equip Glimmer Cape on heroes for a 15% increase in magical resistance. Glimmer Cape can reduce damage taken from incoming spells and improve your chances of escaping a team fight. You can drastically decrease the damage taken from devastating spells, including Mystic Flare, Magic Missile, and Poison Nova. 

The magic resistance gained from Glimmer Cape can be stacked with other items in the game. Items such as Hood of Defiance and Mage Slayer can neutralize magical abilities from enemy heroes when used along with Glimmer Cape. Its primarily used for its active ability, Glimmer, and makes heroes invisible for 5 seconds and adds an additional 50% magic resistance to its users. 

1. Aether Lens

Tinker uses Aether Lens for easy kills

Aether Lens is an item that is widely used by players who spend most of their time in the game hunting for kills. It provides a generous 300 mana and gives heroes a 2.5 mana regeneration per second. Buying an Aether Lens also increases the range of your targeted spells and items. 

Major nuke heroes in Dota 2 such as Ogre Magi, Tinker, and Zeus can vanquish their enemies with an Aether Lens. The added range of spells and the increased mana pool can ensure that you take out multiple heroes within no time. You’ll need to buy an Energy Booster, Void Stone, and an Aether Lens Recipe to complete the item. Aether Lens can also be used to make an Octarine Core. 

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