Dominate Breeze With These Fade Haunt Lineups

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Dominate Breeze With These Fade Haunt Lineups

Time to find them on Breeze! Dominant Breeze with these Fade Haunt lineups

Fade has been gaining quite the following lately, and it's not hard to see why. Some fans have even gone so far as to say she's on par with Sova in terms of efficiency. While that may seem like a bold statement, it's worth considering. If you want to take your gameplay to the next level, mastering Fade's unique edge and learning her lineups is necessary. And guess what? We've got some exclusive Haunt lineups for her on Breeze that you won't find anywhere else. Get ready to dominate!

Dominate Breeze With These Fade Haunt Lineups

Early Info Fade Haunt Lineups for Defense

We all are familiar with the struggling Fade main’s valuable zero contribution to the game by always going for a risky early info lineup and dying. Well, if they are at least “Not dumb” enough to manage to not break at the beginning, enemies with even an average IQ get a hold of their pattern. They’ll take down Haunts, denying any information. At this rate, they only need to make you fall for their fakes, leading you to gloriously make a bad rotation call, effectively handing the round. Our suggestion to you is to study the game, guy!

A Main Info Haunt to Disrupt Pushes

With this tactical lineup, you can scan A Main like a pro and precisely detect any incoming enemy attacks. Plus, you can work with your teammates to call for reinforcements and boost your chances of successfully defending the site. And if no foes are in sight, you can lend a hand to your squad in area B. This lineup is your ultimate weapon to stay ahead of the game and emerge victorious.

image002 7

Credit: Fraty

Step 1: Aim at this spot after getting behind the left pyramid.

image003 1

Credit: Fraty

Step 2: Simply do a jump-throw for the perfect landing.

A Site Reveal Haunt From Halls

The previous lineup is efficient in its regards, but remember, it’s a tactical shooter game, and you should change your playstyle to remain unpredictable. Staying at Halls is a great choice, especially for a Fade main. Luckily, this lineup we’ll present is an even more excellent addition to the arsenal of your Valorant diary.

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image004 2

Credit: Fraty

Step 1: Approach this wall in the Halls.

image005 6

Credit: Fraty

Step 2: Place your crosshair on the shown spot below.

image006 1

Credit: Fraty

Step 3: Do a simple left-click throw.

B Main Reveal Haunt Lineup

Are you looking to take charge and protect the B site on Breeze? It's all about establishing your dominance from the get-go. Fortunately, Fade has an incredible arsenal of abilities perfect for gathering intel and making strategic moves based on that intel. With Fade on your side, you'll be unstoppable.

image007 1

Credit: Fraty

Step 1: Approach this wall on B Main and get stuck to it.

image008 1

Credit: Fraty

Step 2: Aim your crosshair at the shown spot below.

image009 1

Credit: Fraty

Step 3: Do a jump throw, and you’ll witness a perfect lineup.

B Site Reveal Haunt Lineup

Let me guess: you have shown early aggression towards B Main for a couple of rounds now, and now you’re hoping the enemies will fall for the same tactic for the third time? It doesn’t work like that. The famous statement “Never let them know your next move” is even more applicable in tactical shooter games. So you do you, but here’s a different way to deal with approaching enemies on B site.

image010 1

Credit: Fraty

Step 1: Position yourself behind the pillar on the B site and aim at the shown spot.

image011 2

Credit: Fraty

Step 2: As the enemies enter the site after blocking your team’s line of vision, do a jump-throw and just “click-heads.”

Haunt Lineups for Map Reveal

One of the most potent surveillance abilities in the game is Fade's Haunt, which can swiftly and precisely detect potential targets. Nonetheless, unlike the Sova recon dart, its sizeable physical size makes it simple for opponents to eliminate. As a result, experienced users of Fade must consistently seek out chances to shock other teams with unique tactics. The following list is an excellent resource for all the Fade scholars to refer to.

A Site Reveal Haunt From Halls

Securing control of the A site can be effortless if the appropriate strategies are employed. You're in luck, as we have devised a Haunt lineup that will endow your team with a substantial edge when you arrive at the destination. Prepare yourselves to dominate with confidence and ease!

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Credit: Fraty

Step 1: Approach these pipes on A Halls


Credit: Fraty

Step 2: Aim at this precise spot.

image014 1

Credit: Fraty

Step 3: Do a simple, left-click throw.

A Site Reveal Haunt From Cave

Let’s be honest here. Despite all the incentive you have for having Halls control early game as a Fade player, your “Solo-queue 8 hours a day” brain wants to auto-pilot its way through Cave. Don’t worry, friend. We have your back on this, too! This lineup is exactly what you need to have an effective presence on Cave.

image015 3

Credit: Fraty

Step 1: Position yourself in A Cave.

Step 2: Line your crosshair up with the shown spot from this angle.

image016 3

Credit: Fraty

Step 3: Do a simple running jump-throw until you reach the brick boxes in front of you.

A Site Reveal Haunt During Fast Push

Let’s be honest once again. Articulated in-game leadership? Well-thought-out executes? Excuse me, but we don’t do that in PUGs. All our brain is capable of is contemplating the moment when we saw an insane “Shroud 360 no-scope” clip on YouTube and miserably failing to replicate that in our game—those of us who are a bit modest with our expectations rush B. But consider rushing A this time because this lineup is tailor-made just to bear witness to your “Cyka-blyat NO STOP FULL RUSH” glory.

image017 1

Credit: Fraty

Step 1: Prepare to Rush A.

Step 2: Aim your crosshair here.

image018 2

Credit: Fraty

Step 3: Do a jump throw as you exit A Main.

B Site Reveal Haunt

Regarding the B site on Breeze, you’re better off keeping things simple as a Fade player. This one lineup will work as a great support to your team, even providing ample opportunities for your duelists to start eliminating the scanned opponents. You just have to persuade them not to lurk or flank.

image019 2

Credit: Fraty

Step 1: Position yourself in B Main so that your crosshair fits between the two sides of the B site entry door in the following manner.

image020 2

Credit: Fraty

Step 2: A jumping throw will execute the most powerful scan lineup for the B site. Ensure you throw it right before hitting the wall on the right side.

Start dominating with Fade with our other guides on the agent on ESTNN.

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