Does Apex Legends Have Split-Screen Mode?

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Does Apex Legends Have Split-Screen Mode?

A hidden feature we are not aware of?

Apex Legends is a unique battle royale game in the sphere of multiplayer games. The game was released in 2019 and quickly grew in popularity due to its various character abilities, fast-paced game mechanics & interesting lore stories.

Apart from these incredible features, the unique aspect of Apex Legends that stands out among other battle royale games is the trio team-based approach.

Unlike other battle royale games, Apex Legends heavily depends upon team composition and team-based strategies. If you want to wipe a squad camping inside a house, all of your teammates must use their abilities and make strategies to get those kills. The same rule applies if you get pushed by a team. You must communicate with your teammates and counter the aggression shown by the opposite team.

Now, a question that arises in everyone's mind is, does a team-focused game like Apex Legends have a split-screen mode?

A split-screen mode would make the experience much easier as you and your teammates would always be in the other's field of view. This would help you to track each other's positions and make strategic decisions instead of only relying on verbal calls.

Does Apex Legends have a split-screen mode?

An example of a potential split-screen Apex Legends mode, with two players' POV's above and below each other.
Source: JuanSaltinYT

Apex Legends does not have a split-screen mode even in 2021, two years after its release. Many casual fans would be happy with the requested feature, which is unavailable at the current moment.

Will Apex Legends get a split-screen mode?

Apex Legends is a highly GPU-intensive game. The game requires a powerful GPU even to cap the game at 144fps consistently. With such high demand, the introduction of split-screen mode would further skyrocket the GPU requirement. This is simply not a feasible approach from a consumer point of view.

In conclusion, Apex Legends will probably never get split-screen capabilities due to the current trends in gaming and to its high graphic requirements. However, you never know when the developers at Respawn Entertainment might decide to surprise us by shipping the highly requested feature.

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