Disguised in Search of Players for Future Game Changers Roster

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Disguised in Search of Players for Future Game Changers Roster

The next Game Changers roster of Disguised is likely to include upcoming Valorant female professionals 

Disguised are in pursuit of players to participate in Future Game Changers events. This announcement comes after their participation in the North American Open Qualifiers with content creators like Kyedae on the roster. The team brought a lot of attention to the all-Female Valorant scene as popular streamers were competing in the event.

In the announcement Tweet, Disguised specified that they are looking for North American female/marginalized gender players for the team with “no competitive experience necessary.” As a result, we might see new talents participating in Game Changers under DSG’s flag.


Players can apply to join this upcoming roster by filling out Disguised's application. The Google Forms application requests player details from the applicants as well as a Tracker.gg profile link.

Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang on stream

After signing players for the Game Changers roster, Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang will have two teams under his name. The first Disguised team was signed in January 2023, and the Game Changers roster debuted in the Open Qualifiers on April 5.