Disco Doplan Leaves Red Reserve Claiming Breach of Contract

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Disco Doplan Leaves Red Reserve Claiming Breach of Contract

According to a tweet from Joakim “disco doplan” Gidetun, he has terminated his contract with Red Reserve. The former Fnatic rifler will search for a team while he works “to improve inside and outside the game.” Gidetun claims that Red Reserve breached his contract, but no specifics have been released.

Previously, Red Reserve benched Gidetun for Denis “grux” Gutaj in mid-December but recently moved him back to the active roster in January. Due to the departure of disco doplan, Red Reserve only has two players on their active roster.

Red Reserve is currently 12-2 in the United Masters League. The team will play in the playoffs of that league starting March 29th.

As of today, their current roster is as follows:

William “draken” Sundin

Denis “grux” Gutaj

Christian Lindberg (Coach)

Image Via ThaiCSGO.com

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