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Hasan Ahmed | Esports Writer

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Dendi To Play For Secret Against Na’Vi In Less Than 24 Hours


In perhaps the biggest coincidence or planned play this side of the century, long time Na’Vi player Danil “Dendi” Ishutin will be going against the team with which he has had 8 long years of history with. Dendi, started Dota competitively after he joined net-cafés due to lack of a PC at home. He joined Na’Vi at the end of 2010 and lead the team to its era of dominance. The win of the first “The International” cemented the team as one of the best in the pro scene, they followed up with two runner-up placements in the next 2 TI’s after being bested by Invictus Gaming and Alliance. Alliance vs Na’Vi games became the “El-Classico” of DOTA 2.

But times have changed, early in September 2018 Dendi announced that he will be departing from the team. Prior to this, he had been under harsh criticism from players claiming that he had not adjusted his style to the current meta and should leave the mid role to more talented upcoming players. Whether or not his retirement was provoked by these comments, it goes without saying that they had their own role in the superstar’s retirement.

But that was not to be the end for Dendi. On 9th October team Secret announced that their mid player “MidOne” would not be participating in the Russian Autumn Brawl Tournament, Puppey announced that “an old friend” would be taking his place. This “friend” turned out to be Dendi, who will now be playing against his former team with his former captain. As less than a day remains for the fated game on 12th Oct 17:00 CEST, we can only grip the edge of our seat in anticipation for the plays (and memes) to come.

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