Data Miner Gabe Follower Reveals Potential CS2 Changes

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Data Miner Gabe Follower Reveals Potential CS2 Changes

The prominent Counter-Strike data analyst made talked about fascinating CS2 discoveries in his latest video

Famous Counter-Strike data miner Gabe Follower has made some intriguing discoveries after analyzing CS2 data files. These findings unveiled information regarding fresh cosmetic items, taunts, the Hunting mode, and various other exciting additions.

Hunting Mode 

Gabe Follower’s analysis of the accessible CS2 data suggests that the upcoming mode will introduce a cooperative linear Player vs. Environment (PvE) format, where players will face successive waves of attacks. The primary objective of this mode is to progress from point A to point B within a designated timeframe while eliminating a minimum of 20 adversaries along the route. Notably, each enemy takedown will contribute additional seconds to the timer, enhancing the players' chances of success.

Taunts And Animations 

As per the existing game files, there are currently three taunts available for each the T and CT sides, along with four neutral taunts. Notably, these taunts do not have any connection to the post-match screen.

Other than the taunts, the code contained various animations, including animations showcasing the act of throwing hostages on the shoulder, animations portraying death, and animations simulating swimming. The swimming animation was a big letdown in the present version of the game, so CS fans would hope that the upcoming iteration will have better swimming action. 

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It seems that Valve is keen on expanding the scope of customization in CS2. Specific lines found in the game files mention the inclusion of six slots specifically designated for cosmetic items like masks and headgear. To achieve this goal, the developers may draw inspiration from CS Online 2, a game released in 2013 for the Asian market, where players have the opportunity to fully outfit their characters with various attire options.


The game files have revealed the presence of capsules featuring pets, although their intended purpose remains unclear at this stage. Notably, the images associated with these capsules currently display a placeholder featuring a chicken. There is speculation that these pets might have the ability to freely roam the map. Gabe recommended integrating these pet capsules in a way that has minimal influence on gameplay and avoids any potential distraction. 

Data Miner Gabe Follower Reveals Potential CS2 Changes
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