CSGO: WhiteBIT Community Clash Recap – KRL Clan Wins

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CSGO: WhiteBIT Community Clash Recap – KRL Clan Wins

Despite not being among the biggest CSGO tournaments of the year, WhiteBIT Community Clash Recap was home to several top-tier teams.

GenOne, which played under the KRL Clan banner, won the event and got a jaw-dropping reward of $175K in USDT.

The event

The WhiteBIT Community Clash Recap took palace between December 10 and 11 in Valencia, Spain. Although the event was not a part of CSGO’s official schedule, it was interesting to watch because of the prize pool. The event was organized by FaceIt and featured 4 teams that had to play in a single-elimination bracket where all matches were in Bo3.

As mentioned, the event features 4 teams:

  • KRL Clan
  • Blade Clan
  • WINDIGO Clan
  • Los Grandes Clan

The idea behind these teams was to allow players to join a given “clan” created by players and casters from Latin America and Europe. After these teams were created, they had to compete in FACEIT Matchmaking. Needless to say, the clans consisted of a lot of top-tier players, including the likes of “pashaBiceps, as well as Sixer.

After the clans started playing, they had to go through a qualifier for each region. Following the quals, the top 2 teams received a slot for the LAN finals in Valencia. As expected, Blade Community and GenOne succeeded in Europe, whereas WINDIGO Community and Los Grandes Community came from South America. 

Players & Results

Since the team was made up, this event gave us access to many big names. Aside from those mentioned above, we also saw options like Luken, SHOCK ad a few more. In the semifinals, KRL Clan had to go against Blade Clan, whereas WINDIGO went head 2 head with Los Grandes Clan.

Unsurprisingly, GenOne successfully defeated Blade Community in the semifinals. The first map was a walk in the park, but the second one (Ancient) was more interesting because we got to see some extra rounds. However, KRL Clan won the map with 19:16.

In terms of the South American Clash, WINDIGO won Mirage and Overpass fairly quickly. This allowed them to advance to the Final, where they had to face GenOne (KRL Clan).

To be honest, most CSGO fans expected this to be an interesting match, but this wasn’t the case. The European powerhouse ripped through their opponents and only gave them 12 rounds on both maps. The team had no problems on Overpass and lived up to the expectations on Nuke. Sadly, we didn’t get to see the third map, which was Ancient.

Following the success, GenOne takes $175K in USDT. But that’s not all because the other members of KRL Clain received a share of the $825K USDT price, depending on their performance.

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CSGO: WhiteBIT Community Clash Recap – KRL Clan Wins
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