CSGO: Vitality Defeat Mousesports at EPICENTER Final, Break their Win Streak

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CSGO: Vitality Defeat Mousesports at EPICENTER Final, Break their Win Streak

At the EPICENTER Final, Team Vitality defeated Mousesports to end their three-tournament win streak. They did so in spectacular fashion, with Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut shining bright in the lead. Much of Vitality's success can be attributed to him, as he finished the series with a 1.81 K/D ratio and a 1.58 rating.

In the first match of this series, Mousesports actually came out swinging. The Europeans were able to outlast Vitality on the first map with a 19-16 score. Interestingly enough, this map became the only lost one for Vitality at the EPICENTER event,

Things quickly took a turn in Vitality's favor though. After they were defeated on the opening map, Vitality defeated Mousesports on Mirage with a 16-12 score. Next, they took Nuke with a dominant 16-9 score.

With all that said, it's no surprise that ZywOo grabbed the MVP award of EPICENTER. The French prospect hasn’t finished a single map in Moscow with a rating lower than 1.00. He performed extremely well across the whole event, earned his 5th MVP award in 2019 and has increased his chance for MVP of the year award.

EPICENTER closes a big competitive year for CS:GO. The pro scene will come back in early January with qualifier tournaments for IEM Katowice, Dreamhack Open Anaheim, Dreamhack Open Leipzig and the Spring split of BLAST Premier.

Finals standings of EPICENTER 2019:

  1. Team Vitality – $250.000;
  2. Mousesports – $120.000;
  3. Heroic, EG – $40.000.
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