CSGO Veteran flusha Retires After Glorious 11-Year Run

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CSGO Veteran flusha Retires After Glorious 11-Year Run

Robin “flusha” Rönnquist has decided to retire from competitive Counter-Strike, departing with a storied legacy meticulously crafted over the span of a decade

The curtain has fallen on the illustrious playing career of Robin ‘flusha' Rönnquist, a distinguished three-time CSGO Major champion. In his own words, “If you don’t enjoy it, it’s pointless to stay on the server.”

flusha’s retirement announcement comes only days after he cut the cake for his 30th birthday. 

The rifler had refrained from participating in the last two tournaments alongside his recent team, EYEBALLERS. This raised the suggestion that he might not be interested in continuing his competitive career.

“I’ve been thinking about this for the last year, and once you get these thoughts, maybe it’s right not to try to push it even more than what’s already been done,” flusha explained why he decided to call it quits. He steps away from the scene as one of the game's accomplished figures, boasting 22 LAN trophies, three Majors, and four MVP honors.

flusha’s Dream Run at DreamHack and Subsequent Success With Fnatic

CSGO Veteran flusha Retires After Glorious 11-Year Run


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In 2013, flusha burst onto the scene following Fnatic‘s acquisition of ex-Epsilon in August. Among his peers were notable individuals like Jesper “⁠JW⁠” Wecksell and Markus “⁠pronax⁠” Wallsten, forming a core group pivotal to much of his triumphs. The Swedish team proceeded to stun the early CSGO community by claiming victory at DreamHack Winter 2013, making history as the game's first-ever Major champions.

Their earlier success proved challenging to replicate in the months that followed. As a response, fnatic opted for a roster revamp, enlisting the talents of Freddy “⁠KRIMZ⁠” Johansson and Olof “⁠olofmeister⁠” Kajbjer from LGB. This strategic move restored Fnatic’s title contender credentials, and the Swedish quintet rapidly asserted their dominance within the competitive arena.

Within this era of excellence, flusha emerged as a linchpin, instrumental in propelling his team to capture an impressive 16 significant LAN trophies and an additional pair of Majors at ESL One Katowice and ESL One Cologne 2015. Garnering further recognition, the rifler was honored with the MVP title at the latter event, a result of his extraordinary performance throughout the tournament, boasting an outstanding average 1.38 rating.

The way flusha played the game and his exceptional ability to shine in clutch moments, combined with a handful of controversial video clips, led to ongoing cheating accusations against him throughout his career and garnered him the moniker Señor VAC.

Leaving Fnatic and Returning For a Second Stint 

In 2016, flusha bid farewell to Fnatic and embarked on a new venture with GODSENT, reuniting with pronax and JW. Despite high hopes, the endeavor did not manage to revive the victorious synergy for the Swedish squad, leading the rifler to make his way back to his former team merely six months later. flusha would suffer a barren spell of two years before breaking the drought with an MVP performance at IEM Katowice 2018, which led his team to the title. 

Approaching The Swan Song 

In 2019, the Swede made a notable comeback, rejoining the British side after his time with Cloud9. His return played a key role in helping his fellow Swedish teammates secure yet another championship victory, this time at DreamHack Masters Malmö. 

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After leaving Fnatic for the last time in 2021, flusha took the initiative to establish an international roster under the banner of GORILLAZ. He formed the team alongside Miikka ‘⁠suNny’ Kemppi and Jere ‘⁠sergej’ Salo, but the organization suffered an untimely demise only seven months later. 

In June 2022, he once again joined forces with his friend and former Fnatic comrade Jesper ‘JW’ Wecksell to resurrect EYEBALLERS, a prominent figure in the early days of Swedish esports. With a mission to nurture local talent, the team reached a noteworthy milestone, attaining the 37th position in HLTV.org's worldwide rankings just last month.

CSGO Veteran flusha Retires After Glorious 11-Year Run
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