CS:GO: Vertigo Map Guide

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CS:GO: Vertigo Map Guide

ESTNN breaks down everything you need to know to take control of CS:GO's Vertigo in our handy map guide.

People who want to play CS:GO will have access to a couple of popular maps. Most of them have been around for many years, but there are a few new maps that became popular in the last couple of years.

Although some people prefer to play on maps like Ancient, there is no arguing that Vertigo remains one of the most popular maps in the game. Interestingly, this map was re-introduced in CS:GO a couple of years ago, and since then, it has quickly become one of the popular options. Nowadays, many people use this map to play ranked games and we can also see it in many pro events.

The current version of Vertigo has nothing to do with the previous ones. Needless to say, there are many new things you should be aware of, which is why we will try to cover them in this review.


The first thing we’d like to include about Vertigo is that the map has two floors. People who play on the CT side are upstairs, whereas the Ts are downstairs. The bombsites are all upstairs, so the Ts have to go there and plant the bomb.

This may seem easy on paper, but it is not because Vertigo is a map that definitely favorites CTs. That’s because the Ts must go through a few choke points that are usually heavily guarded.

With that being said, Vertigo is a tiny map, which means that both teams can do tons of rotations in a matter of seconds. This might seem hard on paper, but once you play a bit, you will see all of the different connectors that allow you to move to a different location quickly.

Use a top-notch headset when playing it will help a lot

Since Vertigo is a small map, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists can make tons of rotations. They will probably walk most of the time, but if they don’t have enough time to plant the bomb, they will rush. This is when you can use the sound to your advantage because you should be able to hear where the enemies will come from. 

Unlike many years ago, there are all sorts of headsets you can put to the test, and most of them will provide you with an excellent sound. Don’t forget to change some of the settings related to your sound if you want to have the best experience.

Holding the A-bomb site isn't as easy as it seems

If you look at the A-bomb site, you probably think that you won’t have any problems holding it because the Ts can only attack you from the ramp. This may be true up to a point, but in reality, they can come out of three different places there. As a result, holding this spot on your own is pretty much impossible.

Usually, the CT should send two people there whose job should be to focus on not dying. As mentioned earlier, Vertigo is a tiny map compared to others, which means that other CTs can come to help in a matter of seconds.

Speaking of helping, most people who hold the A-site go into places that allow them to dodge the incoming flashes and Molotovs. There are a couple of good options, such as the one behind the cardboard. In fact, there is an interesting spraying spot there that allows some people to kill their enemies through the wall. Of course, this can only work if the CT knows the Ts are going there.

This is one map where you don’t need an AWP

There is no arguing that the AWP is the most popular weapon in CS:GO. Since this gun allows people to kill their opponents with a single body shot, they often use it while playing competitively. Although this weapon could do wonders, there are many situations where it is not worth getting it, and Vertigo is one of the best examples.

There are some cases where you could use an AWP here on the CT side, but in most cases, it is just not worth it. The map is so tiny that it just doesn’t allow you to feel comfortable playing with an AWP. Sure, you may score a few kills, but you can always get flashed and die in seconds.

As for the T side, there is no need to get an AWP unless you want to. Both bomb sites are surrounded by tons of places where your enemies could hide, which means that you may die before you even have the chance to shoot.

Learn how and where to throw your smokes

The fact that the smoke plays an important role on this map shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially if you are on the T side. Due to its size and the fact that people can rotate within seconds, throwing good smokes will make a huge difference.

There are tons of tips and tricks you can learn to throw smokes properly, so we suggest looking at some of the popular guides on YouTube. Regardless of which bomb site you go for, you must remember to “hide” from your enemies by smoking their positions. This should save you from dying and allow you to plant the bomb immediately.

Vertigo is definitely one of the different maps in CS:GO that you need to learn how to play on. It is not easy for either side, but once you learn all of the small things that make it stand out, you will see why so many people use it.

Vertigo is a lot different than the traditional big maps like Dust 2 or Inferno. In fact, it resembles Nuke, but it is smaller and offers many more places to hide and boost. 

CS:GO: Vertigo Map Guide
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