CS:GO: Valve Introduces Operation Riptide With Game Mode, Map & Gameplay Changes

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CS:GO: Valve Introduces Operation Riptide With Game Mode, Map & Gameplay Changes

Competition is always good and Valve seems worried enough to better the game.

Operation Riptide is here featuring new game modes, maps and changes to the general gameplay in Counter-Strike. It’s the 11th operation of CS:GO, following the success of Operation Broken Fang. Here are the highlights of the update.

Operation Riptide

A new operation, including new game modes, maps and missions to collect rewards after completion. The Battle Pass will cost you $14.99 USD. Rewards include new agents, weapons collections, stickers and patches.

New Game Modes And Changes

Valve has added Private Matchmaking Queues, which is a new game mode addressing the lack of a lobby feature in CS:GO. It allows players to create their own private Premier match on Valve servers. Players in a Steam Group can also play matches with members of that group.

Following some other popular titles, Valve has introduced Short Competitive as an addition to the default long-format matches. The short version of a match will comprise 16 rounds in total instead of the 30 we are used to.

Deathmatch has also become much more interesting with the addition of Team Deathmatch, where the first team to reach 100 kills wins. Free-for-all Deathmatch is also a fresh addition where all players are enemies, much like community server DMs.

Finally, Valve has also made changes to Demolition and Arms Race, which you can look at here.

Gameplay Changes

Similar to weapons, players can now drop grenades to aid allies. This is a huge change in CS:GO and one which will have long-term implications. Valve is taking positive pointers from other games and improving CS:GO.

Under weapon changes, Deagle has received a nerf with reduced body damage. Whereas M4A1-S has got a buff with increased body damage. Dual Elites are cheaper at just $300 and a solid option to consider for pistol and eco rounds.

Map Changes

The developers have changed Dust 2 with tweaks to the visibility of T-spawn and Middle. This will affect how AWPers engage each other from both ends. B site has also seen improved visibility from Upper Tunnels.

On the other hand, Inferno has also seen slight changes, but nothing major to affect gameplay. However, Ancient has bigger plantable areas on both sites. Additionally, Valve has fixed bullet penetrations through plywood surfaces and has made some optimizations to the map.

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